Thursday, August 23, 2007

Come on, kids. Seriously.

I didn't even bother to rotate some of these to the right direction. Really...would it have made a difference??? All I want is a stinkin' picture of all four eyes looking at me...

And the winner is....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Birthday Pics

What a wonderful weekend! Family and friends came to help us celebrate Jordan's first birthday. Warning: This is a LONG email with MANY pictures. If you don't want to see pics, come back another day!!! :)

Thursday, I made spaghetti for dinner--it's one of Jordan's favorites! Both Jordan and Lawson loved it and made a HUGE mess! Then we had strawberry cupcakes-YUM!

I just want to do what my big brother is doing!!!!

Saturday, we had her party at our home. So many friends came to have lunch and cake with us. We truly enjoyed our day. A big thanks to everyone who came over!

We were so glad to have Murray and Iris come!

Papa is ready for the party!

Babo came from Michigan!

Ben and Anna brought Abbie, Bailey and Noah!

The baby girls of the party!

The big kids of the party!

Jason and Baby Jackson


Heather and Kaley

Daddy and the Birthday Girl

Mommy and the Birthday Girl!


Nana helping Lawson eat his cake and ice cream

Opening Presents...

Is there more in here???

Big Walker!!!

So thankful for all of our party guests!

Family shot outside

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Yesterday was Jordan's first birthday!!! It's so hard to believe that she came into our family a year ago. So many things have changed since then--we are in a different home, Jon has a different job. It has been amazing to watch her grow. Just last Friday she started taking steps more than one at a she is walking across the room with almost no problem! At her well check yesterday, the dr said she looks great. She weighs 20lb 12oz, and is 29 3/4 inches. She had a rough year--we've gone through a couple sinus infections, five ear infections, tubes and croup. We're hoping for a healthy year number two.

Watching Lawson and Jordan together has been so amazing. Lawson is such a great big brother. He genuinely wants to make Jordan happy and help her and make her feel better. There have been nights where she was so fussy and inconsolable, and we'd put her in the floor next to him. He would get down in her face and make her crack up! Sometimes he's still the only one who can get her to laugh! He's so proud to be her big brother.

Jordan has been a great light in our family. She has a great smile and beautiful bright eyes. It's a joy to watch her in each stage of her life. We thank God for the blessing she is to us, and we pray for his continued blessing on her as she grows into a Christian young lady.

We extend thanks to all of our family and friends who are so supportive to us and our children. We love and appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Happy First Birthday Jordan Page!!! We love you!

We are going to have grandparents visiting for the next week, so posts may be sparse. We'll come back with an update of the week and pictures when we get them all loaded and organized on this new comp. (I'm assigning the transfer project to Jon and his dad this weekend!)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Back in the Saddle!

Turns out that after only a couple weeks of inactivity, Mr. Bybee becomes quite the heckler!!! So...I feel that I should offer up an explanation for my delinquency, as well as a quick update on information of note around here! So...pull on your chaps, kick on your spurs, grab a great hat and hop into the saddle--it's quite a ride!!! :)

First of all, one of our possessions that we rely so heavily on has been limping along on its last leg--our computer is on the FRITZ!! Our poor little computer is from my college days--it's 6 or 7 years old--is that like EXTINCT in computer years?? It has a CD PLAYER, but doesn't burn anything. The only way to save stuff used to be by the USB plug-in FLOPPY DISK DRIVE (you didn't even know they still had disks, right???) but now we can use the new flash drives. It had been sloooooow for a long time, and has always had a problem freezing up, but here lately it's gotten so much worse. It had gotten to the point that we could turn it on, check one or two websites, and then it would freeze. So, it took me like 5 or 6 cycles of

turn on,
wait 5 minutes for it to start up,
check two websites,
watch arrow stop working,
turn off,
turn back on,
repeat entire cycle,

just to read my blogroll!! That doesn't even include if I wanted to check my email or look up a recipe or look for some of our pictures...What a pain! I haven't even turned the computer ON in over a week!!

Soooo...this weekend is tax-free, so we bit the bullet and bought a new computer. Blogs are important and all, but the main reason for this crazy purchase is because the terrible thought of the possiblity that the old computer is going to blow up and lose ALL of the pictures we have of our kids is keeping me from sleeping at night!!! starts the process of loading our MANY pics little by little to our little flash drive, then safely placing them on the new computer! THEN burning them onto CD!!

And now for a quick (ha you know me???) summary of what's going on around here...

1. Jon really loves his new job! He's been working long hours trying to get everything organized and in order, but will soon be able to work more regular hours and be home more! After having him here for almost 3 months, we missed him when he went back to work...Every morning, Lawson says "where did daddy go?" We're really grateful that such a good opportunity opened up.

2. Last Thursday Lawson came down with a cough. Friday night he had a fever. Saturday all he did was burn up, cough and lay around. Kept the kids home Sunday, and took Lawson to the Dr. Monday to see if he was contagious because we were having friends over for dinner Monday night. Doc said he should be fine, so we had a great group over to eat and visit.

3. Wednesday, Jordan woke up with a fever and cough. Basically, repeat #2!! Took her to the dr, who said it was croup. Pretty much what Lawson had but she was worse b/c her chest had quite a bit of wheezing. So, 3 meds later we've been treating both of these kids and they seem to be getting better!!

4. Jordan has been standing by herself for a LONG time. This week she started taking steps!!! A couple days ago, she took 3 R/L steps to me, then last night she took 3, then 5, then 2...she still prefers crawling b/c she's so fast, but we're hoping with practice she'll be walking like a pro for her bday next week!

5. Thanks to Anna who called me Thursday to tell me about Suzanne!!! Suzanne is a girl I lived next door to at Harding. My roomies knew her better than I did b/c they were all in the same club. Anyhow...she and her husband just had QUADRUPLETS!!!! I have been reading and following along with her blog for months...Her counter is going crazy--in the last 2 months she's gone from 80,000 to 260,000!!! The post when she said she was going for her C-section had almost 200 comments of people saying they were praying all over the world!! AMAZING!!! Crazy how you can feel like you know someone you don't really know!!! Anyways...she has a cool blog if you wanna check it out...The Quads

6. Happy Birthday Will and Mary Carolyne!! Sorry we couldn't make your parties, but we hope you had fun!!! Our wishes for many more to come! :)

Ummmmm....that's all I can think of right now....but for fear of heckler Bybee coming back, I'll try not to have such a lapse of time between posts!!! :) Therefore, rest assured that now that I'm assured that my computer will not blow up if I turn it on I may begin to post regularly again!!! :)

Signing off for now...