Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lawson the Worship Leader

Sunday night one of our Seniors was baptized after Huddles. After the baptism, we were all just standing around visiting and Lawson asked his daddy to take him up to the pulpit and hold him up so he could lead a song. Our Youth Minister caught it on his camera and emailed it to me. I think this will be a fun memory to have for Lawson when he gets older and (maybe) fills this role for real!


1. He usually gets more words right, but there were lots of people standing around and I think he was distracted!

2. Check out Jordan being goofy and making fish faces on the pulpit! Sorry to whoever has to wash it!

3. the end, he sees a handheld microphone and wants to get down and use the "real one."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just an observation...

When I am in a hurry I get stopped by EVERY light.

When I need to get something done in the car (like reach for a paci, put on make-up, or adjust the volume on the kids' TVs) EVERY light stays green until I get to where I'm going.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back in the Day...

Last night Jon and I were able to go out on a date! We ate at Red Robin (we love their burgers) and then went to see a couple of our seniors in Grissom's production of Kiss Me Kate. It was very cute, and we laughed a lot.
Sometimes it's amazing to me how caught up I can become in day-to-day things. I forget how much fun Jon and I used to have together and how much fun things could be if we would just take more time to focus on each other. When we actually take time to just be out together it's kinda fun to remember what it was like back in the day...

Christmas 2003--Married 1 1/2 years

We had (not-as-care-free-as-college-students) adult conversation. We drove around in our (not-as-cool-as-my-GrandPrix-used-to-be) van. We saw a (not-as-young-and-crazy-a-show-as-we-may-have-gone-to) musical. And then we came to our (not-as-cheap-as-our-college-apartment) house at (a much-earlier-than-pre-kids-curfew) 11:00.

Okay...So maybe it wasn't JUST like it was back in the day, but it's good to remember that we're not the same either. To me that is part of the hard part, along with being part of the best part of being married to your best friend. In a way I want everything to stay the same as my memories. In a way, though, I am so curious to see each change and evolution that happens to us as individuals and as a couple and as a family.

On the way home from our date, a song came on the radio that really took me right back to our college dating days. One of my favorite things that Jon does that is just for me is to change a couple of words from Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville and turn the radio down and sing for me. I think the first time we ever heard the song together he did it, and he's done it ever since...

Don't know the reason, Stayed here all season
With nothing to show but this
brand new tattoo.
But it's a real beauty,
My Michigan cutie,
how it got here I haven't a clue.

It melts my heart. It reminds me of where we used to be. It also helps me remember my dreams for where we are headed. It helps me realize that I can treasure my memories of back in the day, but that I need to be thankful for and focused on this day.

November 2007--Married 5 1/2 years

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Last Three Weeks--Sans Prose!

It seems that Feb has just arrived
But quite a month we've all survived.

Clean the house, this place is a zoo.
Go to Ladies Retreat, and Bonco too.

In-laws here almost two weeks-
Dress almost done! (A few more tweaks...)

To Gatlinburg with all the MYG
God, Fun and Teens--so much fun-Whee! :)

My very first trip to Winterfest
And I can't seem to catch up on rest!

We're back-we're home...hey look! Mommy!
I think my kids are glad to see!

Boogers coming out of every nose.
Does anybody have clean clothes???

Both of Jordan's eyes are pink,
And 40 poopy diapers STINK!

This month my posting has been parched
And now, by golly, almost March!

All this to say what's been going on
One last thing...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON!!! :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Airplanes and a picnic

I never posted about a fun day I shared with my kids one warm day back in December...We go to a field over by the airport and spend the morning loving the outside and watching the planes come in to land! We also love making the semi-trucks that drive by blow their horns!

It's Unofficially Official!

As your local, on-the-scene every night reporter in your local Madison neighborhoods, I would like to make an announcement.

This is for all of you mommies.

This is for all of the mommies who don't think they can bear to see another nose that's snotty-to-the-paci, let alone make another hurried run to the tissue box only to get back to the kid 1/2 second after they discovered their own Snot River and turned it into a Snot Marsh all over their face, eyebrows, hands and ears!

This if for the mommies who can't handle their toddlers standing at the door pointing and hollering to go outside--totally oblivious that if we did, in fact go outside, we might start losing and having to look for fingers because it has been so insanely cold outside!

This is for mommies who, even on the days it's not a 5 degree windchill, try to go outside and spend 15 minutes trying to get a kid into a carseat because apparently the straps 'self-re-adjust' everytime you take someone out and now you are going crazy trying to get the kid-and his/her puffy-fluffy coat-into those harnesses!

This is for everyone like me who, as soon as the first leaf fell last fall, knew that these months were upon us. I'm telling you...maybe after a scorching summer the cool breeze feels refreshing, but to me it is SO not worth the winter months that follow! As soon as it cooled, I was longing for a hot summer day again!

Now...(were you wondering how long it was going to take me to stop rambling?)'s my announcement...

Da da de daaaaahhhh....


Well, duh, you say...of course it's on it's way!

I want to unofficially announce that it's CLOSE! I can almost taste it. But the thing that makes me so sure is the preliminary evidence! Let me explain...

This is my 3rd spring to witness it. Based on a thus far predictable track record, I shall present my evidence...
On my route the last week or so, I have seen an extraordinary number of bunnies hopping around...This happens some all winter, but I also have started noticing that they are hopping around with "friends"!! This means that they feel like it's gonna be warm enough soon enough to start doing what bunnies do to make baby bunnies!!! I'm telling you...
All you winter-laden mommies, take this paper girl's won't be long before the baby bunnies are here!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sometimes I don't either...

I have been commanded to cast my cares upon my Father.
Sometimes I don't.

I have been commanded to be a cheerful giver.
Sometimes I'm not.

I have been commanded to trust in the Lord with all my heart.
Sometimes I don't.

I have been commanded to not worry.
Sometimes I do anyways.

I have been commanded that my conversation should always be full of grace.
Sometimes it isn't.

I have been commanded to be humble, gentle and patient.
Sometimes I'm not.

I have been commanded to have the attitude of Christ Jesus.
Sometimes I don't.

I have been commanded to be an imitator of God.
Often I fail.

Father, please help me to be more understanding and patient when my 1 and 3 year old children disobey. Please help me to show them the love and grace and forgiveness that you daily show their very imperfect mother. Amen.