Thursday, May 31, 2007


Okay...Saturday in Atlanta, I took the big plunge and bought a new pair of Tennies.

The ones I had were from Walmart. I bought them in October to take to the Fall Retreat for the youth group. They were supposed to be the shoes I took in the river, so I could put my regular ones on when we got back. I FORGOT, though, and wore my regular ones in the river. Sooo...the new Walmart shoes were now my regular shoes. I have bought many a shoe at Walmart, mind you, but never Tennies. They grew on me, though, and I really liked them. They do, however, tend to wear down quicker!!!

My lovely Walmart shoes had begun to dirty, stink, tear--pretty much fall apart. So...We went to the mall, and I tried on MANY shoes. I am usually very picky about shoes...and now that I had more than one or two to pick from, I tried so many!

I finally came to settle on a pair of New Balance shoes. 472s...they're gray and orange. And I was so excited!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!!

Until this morning. I had worn them a couple short times over the weekend, and noticed a little bit of discomfort...but assumed that I was just getting used to them and they would be fine. This morning, though, I went for a walk, and rubbed the MOST GIGANTIC PAINFUL HOLE-IN-MY-FOOT BLISTER I've ever had!!!!

Are you allowed to take back shoes to the store when they have a bloody stain on the inside of the heel? They're obviously not working for me!!! OUCH!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fun Weekend Away--Busy When We Got Back!!!

We had such a fun weekend in Atlanta! A big thanks to Jon's parents for coming to watch the kids, and to the Newby's for giving us tickets to see the Braves! Smolz, the pitcher, pitched his 200th win the night we were there. We went on a good night, because I think they've lost 4 or 5 straight since we've seen them, and Smolz went out injured last night!

We got to Atlanta just in time to get to the ballfield. We enjoyed the game, then went on to the hotel. I got a room at the Mariott on priceline for $50/night! Yeah!

We went to Underground Atlanta on Friday. We were going to go hiking at Stone Mountain, but Jon suffered a minor injury Thursday night--I was FREEEEEZING in our hotel room, so he went down to the car to get the blanket I had brought. In the parking lot, he tried to take the shortcut over the median, instead of going around on the sidewalk, and TRIPPED! He skinned up his knee and Big Toe, and landed full-out on his BELLY!!!!! (Don't even bother trying not to laugh--It's impossible!!!!) Fortunately, he's fine...but his toe hurt too badly to put his Tennies we chose something we could trek around in Flip Flops.

This pic is in front of the fountain at Underground Atlanta.

When we left our lovely kiddos with our parents, our little girlie was perfectly content to be laying wherever she was laying, or sitting wherever she was sitting, because she did not have the ability to do anything about it! However in two and 1/2 days we came back, and Nana and Papa had taught her SO MUCH! This is what she did when I went to get her from her nap...

Sitting Pretty...

When we left, she couldn't go from laying to sitting!

I'm coming to get you!

She couldn't crawl, either!

Almost there...

She couldn't pull up, either!


See what I learned while you were gone!!!

Nana called our first night away and told us we'd better get a lot of rest, because Jordan was figuring everything out... Now our lovely almost-10-month-old can go from laying to sitting, crawl everywhere, and pull up on almost anything!!! She's into EVERYTHING!!!

Lawson's favorite thing to do is BEG to go outside and "DWING"! He asks all the time...I think he would sit in the swing for hours and hours if I let him!

What a cute smile!!! :)

Some more random information...

*While we were gone, Jon's dad provided me with a most GRACIOUS surprise.....A NEW RADIO!!!! I'm sure all of you who read my very first post are so happy for me!!! :)

*I'm sure all of you in this general area can relate, but I woke up this morning at 3:00 and smelled smoke and saw haze...If it's this bad here, I can't imagine what it's like there...Let's keep the people who are being victimized by wildfires in our prayers.

*Just wanted to say that while I was listening to talk radio (Mike Gallagher) last night I heard this story...It's Crazy!!!

Remember the Cardinal's player who died a month ago, Josh Hancock? Well, he died after going to a bar, getting drunk, then getting into his SUV with a Blood-Alcohol Level of more than 2X the legal limit. He was driving down the freeway, on his cell phone, and he hit a tow-truck that was assisting a stranded motorist...

Now, Hancock's DAD is SUING the following: The restaurant, the tow-truck driver, the towing company, AND the stranded motorist.....

Just wanted to let you know not to break down on the freeway...if a drunk person on a phone in a SUV hits you, you might get sued!!!

Now have a nice day!! ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy 5th, Baby!

Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of the day I married my knight in shining armor! I went to Harding to find the man of my dreams, but I never could've guessed that God had Jon in store for me! The last five years have been wonderful--of course there have been ups and downs--but they have brought us to the place we are today. I honestly don't know what I would do without him! We are growing closer to each each other. We have two beautiful children. I have been blessed by the marriage that Jon and I share, and I am so excited to see what the next 5, 10, 25 and 50 years bring us! Happy Anniversary Baby! I LOVE YOU!!!

These pictures are not in order...too tired and this Blogger put them in all goofy. This is a pic of us 3 yrs ago at Talladega. I was about 6 wks preg. with Lawson.

Lawson--December 14, 2004

Jordan--August 9, 2006

Dating--This was on a Mission Trip to Oregon. We took a day trip to the Sand Dunes on the Pacific Ocean.

At Harding--Going to the King's Men Formal.

One of our engagement pics. I couldn't find the others!!!

Snow in Michigan!!! This is pre-kids but post-marriage. Dec, 2002

We are so excited because Jon's parents are coming today to watch the kids! We will be able to go to Atlanta for 2 nights and enjoy some time alone. That means no kids, and NO PAPERS! We will be using gift cards to eat, gift cards for movies, free hiking, free Braves game (thank you Jonathan and Jennifer!!!!!), and a cheap nice room thanks to priceline! We're most excited about just getting to hang out together and enjoy each other's company!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A New Count

It's been a semi-sad week in my mind. Not everything, but one thing in particular has had me thinking.

After one month shy of 33 years, my parents have begun a new count. It is now one week. On the other side of their divorce.

It is really weird that this word is now a part of my family. Things have been really bad for a long time, and a lot of pain has ensued, but they have just now become one of the statistics. Divorce. Crazy.

I know it's a mixture of emotions for my parents. Also a mixture for my brother and me. There's a lot of anger. A lot of sadness. A lot of resentment. Some fear. A lot of hurt feelings and hurt hearts.

It's been a personal battle for me. As a Christian, I know that divorce is wrong. I know that God hates divorce. Marriages are forever. But I also understand how being in a miserable family makes it hard to want to stick it out. I also understand how extenuating circumstances (health issues, family history) can bring so much trauma and difficulty into a situation.

For years, I have been very vocally 'on the record' about my parents' relationship. I had a very (perhaps wrong) strong "just divorce and get it over with" mentality. Now that it has come and gone, I have mixed emotions. I hope that this can cause some peace to return to our family. I hope that anger and hard feelings can take a backseat, and maybe fizzle out. I am also so sad. It it hard for me to see my family break apart. Sure, it's been looming for years, but the fact that it has come and gone is a hard hit of reality.

I have especially begun to think of my mom in a new light. Many of you know that I have had some harsh feelings--anger, hurt, bitterness--toward her. But as I see her face this new stage of her life, I feel sadness and compassion for her. I can't imagine what she is facing. I know she had the same dreams I have--a loving husband, a great family, a Christian home, growing old together with lots of love--these have been taken away after years of fighting for them. We still don't see eye to eye on most things and there is a lot of repair to be done in our relationship, but 'getting' the pain and heartache that this is causing her has formed one piece of that bridge for me.

There have been years of bickering, confusion, contention and crisis in our family. Last Wednesday's finality of this divorce is a new piece of our history. I can only hope that as my parents face this 'new count' in their lives, they can both be open to how God can now use it to bring each of them closer to him. I also hope that God will work in each of my family member's hearts to start healing the wounds of the past and bring us together so that the future will be brighter than the past.

I am simply using this as a method of airing out my mind. I know it may be some uncomfortable material, so if you are reading this please do not feel required to make a comment. (If you want to make one, it's surely welcome!) I do ask that you say a prayer for my family. Appreciate it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dumpster Diving

I have a problem. I must admit. I had never had this problem until I started throwing papers. I never had really even known the possiblity existed. Who knew that people throw away perfectly good stuff??? It started small, I think...I don't even really remember my first time.
Driving around the night before trash day. Nonchalantly glancing if I passed something sitting on the curb. Just in case it was something I never knew I needed. Until someone else was throwing it away. I remember when it blew out of proportion, though!

I was driving by one afternoon, doing our weekly ads. I saw one of those battery operated Jeeps on the curb. Next to a sandbox. Next to a tricycle. And the lady was in the driveway. My curiosity got the best of me. I stopped. I asked her what was wrong with the Jeep. She said that it just had a dead battery!!! And she was putting this out for the trash? WHAT?? I asked her what about the sandbox. She said her dog had chewed a little spot, so she didn't want it anymore!! My heart started pumping. I was getting excited! Lawson was only 9 months old, but I knew he was growing quickly! She said if I wanted it she would pull it up to the driveway so I could come back with a truck. And she took me inside and showed me all the other stuff her 2 boys were outgrowing--a plastic picnic table, a scooter, a tricycle, an indoor swingset/slide, several miscellaneous little toys...She said I could have all this for $25!!! Ding, ding, ding--we have a winner!! From then on I was hooked!

Be sure you understand--I don't actually dumpster dive...I only look at real stuff, sitting on the curb. I'm not picking through trash bags or anything--YUCK! Just stuff that's not really touching anything else.

Now, Jon makes terrible fun of me. Everytime I drive past a pile of "stuff", I have to look to see if it's something I need. I've found a computer desk, a Sit and Spin, two end tables, a basketball goal, a soccer goal, a slide, a toy tool bench, a Cozy Coupe, and a porch swing, and a solid oak sofa table. My latest jackpot was a set of four patio chairs!!! The paint's chipping, but they're solid--and comfy! I was just hoping for some chairs for our porch!!

And all of it just needs a little washing. Good as new. And Free! And even though Jon makes fun of me, I've started to notice his neck stretch if we're passing a pile now--I think he's looking for the next big find too!!!

In my seemingly endless amount of thinking time while driving around, as I was looking in people's piles of stuff, I thought of something. This stuff is still useful. It still has a purpose. Yet many times it's cast off, tossed out, set aside for something newer. Something shinier. Something faster or bigger or prettier. Sometimes it's such a waste.

And I think, we do that too. To people. People who aren't like us. People who are poor. Or sick. Or dirty. Or addicted. Or ugly.

A man who can't bear the thought of coming out of his alcohol-glazed world to face whatever his reality is. Or a single mom who faces judgment as she struggles to provide for her children. Or a begging man who lost his job and just never could get back on his feet. Or the person who is overweight and can't seem to maintain willpower to do anyting about it. Or someone who struggles with mental or physical illness that inhibits their ability to live an independent life.

And I picture God driving down our streets. He sees these people that he made in his image and he sees how they've been placed out on the curb. To us they're seemingly useless. It makes Him sad, I know, because his creation has been left to go to waste. To ruin. But I bet he thinks, "Why are they throwing these out? They have such potential! They're still good--they just need some cleaning up. A little extra love. I bet I can take them home and fix them. "

And I bet when someone who had been cast aside lets the Father touch their life and they come out shiny and 'good as new', he beams with pride. He's so proud that He caught that one. And he knows if he keeps an eye out, he'll find one after another that he can bring back.

Just makes me think. If I'm trying to be like Him, maybe I should be keeping an eye out too...

The kiddos

I used to be so good about posting pictures when Lawson was a baby. There were always updates and stories...Then came Jordan. I'm sure some of my friends and family may not even believe she exists because pictures have been so sparse!!! We just recently got Internet access at the house, so I'm going to try to do better about posting some pics. Here are some from Christmas and a few recent faves.

Okay, so this one is from Halloween...Lawson was Elmo and Jordan was a pumpkin!

For those of you who didn't get one of the Christmas cards I never sent (even though I printed them, paid for them, AND addressed the envelopes!!!), this is the pic Jon chose to put on the card!

This is the GOOD one that I worked 2 hours to get...This was my vote for the card, but Jon won!

Here is Lawson dyeing Easter Eggs. I thought when I bought them that he would just like to watch me do them, but after I did one or two he wanted to try. The rest of the night was all about him--he did all the eggs I boiled, most of them were dipped in every color 2 or 3 times--but hey, he came up with some really cool eggs!! See Jordan on the table? She was watching his every move!!

This was Jordan at the Easter Egg Hunt at church. It was sooooo cold, so they had it inside. I told Lawson to find her some eggs too. He quickly discovered there was something in each egg, so before long he was picking each egg up and shaking it by his ear to see if it sounded like something he wanted! I asked him find her a pink one--he picked up one, shook it, didn't hear anything, and put it down and chose another pink one!! What a smart kid!

This was Easter morning. This is what I get these days when I ask for a smile!! Cheeseball city!! This was the best pic I could get of him. He may think it's funny now, but when he's a twenty year old stud bringing home his girlfriend from college, he'll wish he had just smiled!!!

This is beautiful Jordan on Easter morning. Thanks to her friend Abby Kate, she had a pretty dress to wear! She always wakes up bright eyed and ready to go!

Here is my studly hubby and our two lovely kiddos!

Actually got a good one of them together!!! Jordan had just gotten good at sitting up, and previous attempts had always ended up in two crying kids and a frustrated mommy!! Finally--SUCCESS!!! :)

This is the Pampers Parade!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm old!

What a crazy weekend!!! It was jammed full of wonderful activitiess! Friday night all four of us packed up an insane amount of stuff--all because we were planning on being away from the house for more than 2 hours!! So after stuffing 2 strollers, 3 camp chairs, a soccer ball, a baseball bat, a baseball, 3 books, some goldfish crackers, some fruit snacks, 2 cups, 3 bottles, some baby food, 2 bibs and a burpcloth, 8 diapers, wipes, some blankets, 3 jackets, a change of clothes for each kid, a pair of pajamas for each kid, and an assortment of (hopefully) entertaining baby toys into our (now seemingly small) Honda Odyssey (which still has a broken radio...), we headed off to Madison County's Relay for Life.

This year our team honored the memory of our sweet sister, April Warren Page. The team raised money throughout the year by means of a Chili Supper, an Ice Cream Social and other personal donations to honor the memory of April.

April went HOME in November after a relatively short battle with cancer. She was so young, but throughout her battle she showed everyone around her what true grace, peace and dignity are all about. She was an inspiration--always with a positive word to say and a smile to give away.

April and I were both alumni of the Spanish program at Harding University. She was 4 years younger than me, so I did not know her at school. When we met in the Homebuilder's class, though, we had an instant connection laughing and reminiscing about our memories. We shared stories about our favorite Spanish teacher and mentor, Ava Conley. We talked about mission trips we went on and going to Spanish church. I was so excited to find someone to share with.

We also were able to visit most Fridays on the way to her radiation treatments. I always woke up hoping she would be having a "good day". Even when she was weak she and Brandon met me with smiles on their faces. In the car, she would tell me stories about how she had planned her wedding, arranging her own flowers and making her own cake!! They had such a neat stories--and during her battle with cancer, Brandon was an example to all of us what a faithful and loving spouse looks like.

In July, I was privileged to be able to help April and Brandon pack up some of their stuff and move it to their new house. It was so hot--I walked in and the apartment was like a tornado!!! There were so many fans blowing!! I couldn't believe how hard April was working. She really wanted to be able to do it all for herself--but I was so glad to have more time to visit with her. During one of these times was when I first met Iris, April's mother. I instantly saw how April had grown into such a graceful, humble woman.

The day I heard April had Gone Home was such a bittersweet day. I was sad that she was gone from us--I was sad for myself that I would not have her here anymore. But she had suffered so much. I was so glad she was out of pain and exploring Heaven.

These are some of my memories of April. Everyone who knew her has their own, I'm sure. They have to, because she was that kind of person. And that's why we honor her.

The relay was great! Rebecca Keller and Joy Cagle put countless hours into planning fundraisers and the event so that everything would be successful. We had a good turnout. Several off the women helped run activities at the Kid Zone, sponsored by Sammy Benson's landscaping business. And we all enjoyed seeing Murray and Iris there and hanging out at our tent.

I thought we might hang around until 10 or 11---and at 12:45 we started heading toward the van!!! Lawson was a trooper--never took a nap or anything and was still marching around talking and singing up a storm!! Jordan took a nap in her stroller, then was good to go!! Jon and I were sitting around visiting, telling stories, laughing and making fun of the karaoke singers with the other Homebuilders who were out late. It truly was a good time.

In case you were wondering:
We used 1 1/2 bottles. 1 cup. 1 stroller. 2 chairs. The jar of food. 3 diapers. 1 book. And the pajamas. The rest we just brought along for the company, I guess. But hey--on the rare chance we would've been wrecked on the side of the road in a snowstorm on the way home, we would've been fine!!!

After getting home at 1:30 from Relay, I did my papers and got home at 4:45 am. Jon let me sleep til about 11:30, the I got up and started getting ready for FREE--the Mayfair Girls' Retreat. I got there at 2:30, ready to stay up all night-Again!

We do the 11th grade Huddle group at church, and several of my girls were there when I got there! Along with a few Seniors and Mindy, the YAC, they put together a great retreat!! Fifty-something girls were there, along with several Lipscomb-ites who came to hang out. Beth MacDowell (a former intern and a DLU alum) was the speaker, and she did a great job.

We had so much fun and good spiritual food this weekend. There were Love Lines, a chance to write encouraging notes to everyone there. Prayer and verse cards with inspiring messages were on the wall. And then there were the games.

Identity Theft (named by Louisa) was great--cards with people/characters taped on our backs. We had to ask yes/no questions to find out who we were.

"Am I a cartoon?" Sometimes
"Am I white?" Sometimes
"Sometimes??!!??" How can this be?"
I'm glad I wasn't Spiderman!!!

The poor little girls who had never played were so stumped.
"I can't think of any more questions!! I just don't know!!"
Well, what do you know so far?
"I'm a boy. Oh, and I sing. That's it!"

We stayed up late playing Fruit Basket Turnover, watching High School Musical (cuter than I thought it would be), and visiting in our hotel rooms. Then breakfast at *AAAAAAGGGHHHHH, NOOOO* 8:30!!!!

Overall, it was a great weekend. I enjoyed the Relay, and I loved getting to know our junior and high school girls better. I'm really proud of the leadership and responsibility that they possess--I can't wait to see them grow into strong Christian women.

It was a great weekend, but I now know that I am no longer young. I no longer posses anywhere near the energy and enthusiasm I had in college or HS. I am old and boring and enjoy a good nights sleep almost as much as anything else!! I was pooped! Exhausted! Crazy!!
This morning, Jon graciously let me sleep in again though, and I have been restored to full consciousness. Starting to feel normal again. And then I remember some talk of an all girls sleep-over at my house this we go again!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


FAILURE. That's the straw that broke this camel's back. That's the real reason I am FINALLY caving in and creating a blog. For months, I have joked and teased all my friends for getting "hooked"--for becoming bloggers. I didn't have internet. I didn't get the obsession. I swore I would never get sucked in. But here I am. Writing. On a blog. Many of you will say "Told you so..." That's okay. I'm ready for it. I deserve it. But how did I get here? Let's go back.

About 3 months ago, I guess. That's when it all started. My adorable 2 year old son learned how to open the doors--all the doors--to my Honda Odyssey. He discovered how much fun an empty van can be to climb around in and play in. He found this out one day when I was trying to get some silly chore done in the yard, so like a dummy I thought, "What can it hurt? He's just climbing around." Let me warn you--if you ever think this in reference to a toddler, you're about to have a problem, because toddlers think of things adults would never ever come up with!

Fast forward two months. (That's a month ago from today.) Same child was again climbing around in van while we were trying to to yardwork. When my husband and I got everyone loaded in the van shortly thereafter to go somewhere we saw it. We saw what must have seemed to be an opportunity too enticing to resist to a child. Right there in front of us--2 quarters sticking out of the slit in my CD player!!! Yes, it's true. Hubby reached out and, oh, so gently tried to pull them out. It couldn't be that easy. As the two quarters came out, we saw/heard the dime and nickel he had put in first go "Slip, Clunk" and then nothing. Silence. They were in there with no way to get them out. Great!!! Now no CDs.

Not the end of the world. Not yet. I'm a talk radio fanatic, so I don't listen to CDs all that much anyways. Only every now and then when I think it may soothe an out-of-control child. So I'm cool with our new "just the radio" position. Until yesterday.

I was driving around throwing papers, listening to the best of conservative talk radio when I heard a "Bzzzt" and then NOTHING. I thought, "Hmmm, we must have lost signal. It will come right back." Thirty minutes later, I'm starting to worry.

I change the channel. Nothing.
I take the face plate off. Nothing.
I hit the reset button. NOTHING!!!

I called Hubby. He says, "Maybe those coins are starting to have an effect on it." Surely not, I think. It's been over a month! And then it came. Almost like he was summoning it. Who even knew that radios were programmed to do this--to let you know what's going on with them. I looked up, and where the radio station would usually be displayed i saw it. All Caps.


Great!! What am I going to do now? Those of you who know me know I drive around for 2 1/2 hours every night throwing newspapers. In silence? Is this my fate? I dreaded the first night. How would I make it? I wasn't going to hear my talk shows.

Hmmm...Deep Breath. Suck it up. You can handle it. No big deal. This will be time for me to think. Ha! If I only knew.

New train of thought. I guess I think a lot. Random thoughts here and there. I think of something and say to myself, "hmmm...I should write that down." Recently I've been thinking, "If I had a blog, I would write about this." But then something else comes fluttering by and I forget. Lose my thoughts. Not even really a problem. At least this way they don't get all built up and backed up like a traffic jam.

Until last night. Driving in silence was CRAZY. I kept thinking thoughts and there was nothing to take them away!! They just kept piling up and piling up. Sunny told me when you start thinking of Blog Names you're almost there! I was thinking of names. I knew it was only a matter of time. I was almost home.

Now here goes nothing. About to make my first post. To my blog. That I never thought I'd have. It's all good, though.

Pick Me! Pick Me! I definitely have something to say about that!