Thursday, May 3, 2007


FAILURE. That's the straw that broke this camel's back. That's the real reason I am FINALLY caving in and creating a blog. For months, I have joked and teased all my friends for getting "hooked"--for becoming bloggers. I didn't have internet. I didn't get the obsession. I swore I would never get sucked in. But here I am. Writing. On a blog. Many of you will say "Told you so..." That's okay. I'm ready for it. I deserve it. But how did I get here? Let's go back.

About 3 months ago, I guess. That's when it all started. My adorable 2 year old son learned how to open the doors--all the doors--to my Honda Odyssey. He discovered how much fun an empty van can be to climb around in and play in. He found this out one day when I was trying to get some silly chore done in the yard, so like a dummy I thought, "What can it hurt? He's just climbing around." Let me warn you--if you ever think this in reference to a toddler, you're about to have a problem, because toddlers think of things adults would never ever come up with!

Fast forward two months. (That's a month ago from today.) Same child was again climbing around in van while we were trying to to yardwork. When my husband and I got everyone loaded in the van shortly thereafter to go somewhere we saw it. We saw what must have seemed to be an opportunity too enticing to resist to a child. Right there in front of us--2 quarters sticking out of the slit in my CD player!!! Yes, it's true. Hubby reached out and, oh, so gently tried to pull them out. It couldn't be that easy. As the two quarters came out, we saw/heard the dime and nickel he had put in first go "Slip, Clunk" and then nothing. Silence. They were in there with no way to get them out. Great!!! Now no CDs.

Not the end of the world. Not yet. I'm a talk radio fanatic, so I don't listen to CDs all that much anyways. Only every now and then when I think it may soothe an out-of-control child. So I'm cool with our new "just the radio" position. Until yesterday.

I was driving around throwing papers, listening to the best of conservative talk radio when I heard a "Bzzzt" and then NOTHING. I thought, "Hmmm, we must have lost signal. It will come right back." Thirty minutes later, I'm starting to worry.

I change the channel. Nothing.
I take the face plate off. Nothing.
I hit the reset button. NOTHING!!!

I called Hubby. He says, "Maybe those coins are starting to have an effect on it." Surely not, I think. It's been over a month! And then it came. Almost like he was summoning it. Who even knew that radios were programmed to do this--to let you know what's going on with them. I looked up, and where the radio station would usually be displayed i saw it. All Caps.


Great!! What am I going to do now? Those of you who know me know I drive around for 2 1/2 hours every night throwing newspapers. In silence? Is this my fate? I dreaded the first night. How would I make it? I wasn't going to hear my talk shows.

Hmmm...Deep Breath. Suck it up. You can handle it. No big deal. This will be time for me to think. Ha! If I only knew.

New train of thought. I guess I think a lot. Random thoughts here and there. I think of something and say to myself, "hmmm...I should write that down." Recently I've been thinking, "If I had a blog, I would write about this." But then something else comes fluttering by and I forget. Lose my thoughts. Not even really a problem. At least this way they don't get all built up and backed up like a traffic jam.

Until last night. Driving in silence was CRAZY. I kept thinking thoughts and there was nothing to take them away!! They just kept piling up and piling up. Sunny told me when you start thinking of Blog Names you're almost there! I was thinking of names. I knew it was only a matter of time. I was almost home.

Now here goes nothing. About to make my first post. To my blog. That I never thought I'd have. It's all good, though.

Pick Me! Pick Me! I definitely have something to say about that!


Jamey said...

Just one word....welcome!

Sunny said...

Yeah for you Stacy! I'm so glad that you have joined the blogging world. It is very addictive and I'm sure that you will love it! Can't wait to read up on all of the happenings in your world.

You've got to get the radio fixed! I like my silence and all, but I couldn't drive around in the wee hours of the morning without something going on.

Jason said...

Told you so.
Just kidding!

Welcome to the blogsphere!

Kenny Simpson said...

Glad to see you came into the light...