Friday, May 30, 2008

Several Subjects...

Anniversary Flowers, Part 3~the Lilies! They came Wednesday...I waited to post them b/c they come in buds, like this:
and then after a day or two they bloom and open up, like this:
Aren't they pretty? Just in case you were wondering, the sunflowers and the roses are STILL looking fresh a WHOLE week later!! I'm telling you, if you're going to spend money on flowers, ProFlowers is worth it b/c they last SOOO long--not a few hours like grocery store bouqets!

Jordan's new thing is getting in the fridge and playing in the bathroom. For the bathroom, she mostly unrolls the toilet paper and plays on the little potty...HOWEVER, from time to time I have walked in and found her, her hair, the toilet seat, and the floor around her {insert shudder here} WET! YUCK!

For the fridge...she opens the door, now that she knows that she can open the door, then stands on the ledge in front of the bottom drawers. She is still short enough that she fits completely in without leaning down or her head touching the top. Thank goodness it won't shut w/ her in it b/c of the shelves on the door! Anyways...she knows now that she'll get in trouble if I find or hear her, but she still risks it. I walked in on her the other day, not in time to get her inside of it though, and she heard me and immediately slammed it shut and turned around and smiled. Little snot!

Another quick story...Wednesday she only took a 35 minute nap and after Lawson got up I really needed to get a shower. SO...I put on a show and she was watching, so I slipped upstairs. When I came down after a speedy shower (I'm pretty sure I at least got everything wet!) and heard a very dense sounding plop. I knew what it was, but walked into the kitchen to verify and found not one, but two broken eggs on the floor. Just what I wanted to clean up after my, um, refreshing(?) shower...

Here are a couple pics from Lawson's tee ball game last night. This one is so cute to me b/c he's on the fence, but looks a little goofy b/c he has a mouthful of water. It was so humid, and everyone was hot...but the kids were soooo sweaty and dirty when it was all over with. (Look at his hands! Bet you didn't know that they added a job to the description of shortstop--it's to make sure you touch every piece of dirt within a 2 ft radius of yourself!!!) I guess that's what summer is all about, right?

This is where he plopped himself to eat his snack after the game!
I love this picture! After the game we went over to the park at the Y to have a picnic and let the kids play. Since we don't have to leave the parking lot to go from the fields to the park Jon let Lawson help drive. He loves to help drive! One of my favorite parts is that on the radio the song "Driving my life away" came on! ~Look at Lawson's tongue sticking out! Jon and I both do that when we are really concentrating on something!!
Last Friday we took the kids to see the Huntsville Stars play at home. The kids' favorite thing was looking for Homer in the stadium. In between innings, Lawson went down and Homer signed his glove.
Jon took Jordan to see Homer too.
Towards the end of the game, this is how Lawson decided to watch. Cute! :)
Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend...We're excited for hanging out with the kids, another tee ball game, a class picnic, and a Huddle Leaders' get-together all before Monday comes again! It's gonna be fun--as long as the stinkin' rain stays away! :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

Today Jon and I celebrate 6 years of marriage! How exciting! So far this has been a very exciting and fun year. We have really tried to focus on doing a lot more activities together as a couple and as a family and have really been enjoying each other.

Jon is my best friend. He is my supporter and my fan and it is my honor to get to enjoy life with him. My sidebar says I have a perfect husband. Obviously, we all know that realistically this cannot be accurate. What it should say, rather, is that I have a husband who is perfect for me.

Thursday afternoon I received a delivery from the UPS guy. I quickly noticed it was from ProFlowers, who Jon often summons to deliver beautiful flowers to me on special occasions. I was just excited to see what kind of flowers he picked this time.

So...Here is my Thursday delivery...
And with it a note, that said:

So Friday morning I opened the door to go out to the van and there was already another box on the porch. I opened it up and found this:

WOW!!! 3 dozen roses! I was shocked. They actually came with one vase but were too many and I split them up into two. They came with a very sweet note, and I thought it was very thoughtful and nice.

Jon called to see if I liked them, and I told him I did and he asked if they were Peruvian Lilies and I said, "No, 3 dozen roses." So he called, and they said that their shipment of lilies wasn't up to their standards, so they sent me roses as a substitute and were sending me 100 blooms of lilies Wednesday!!! So more flowers are coming! :) How exciting!

Thanks, Jon, for the great anniversary flowers, and for getting to eat out so much this weekend so I don't have to cook, and for 6 great years and the promise of many, many more!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Too Much Stuff

I just finished reading a book called "Mission Possible." Jon bought this book from a former missionary lady named Marilyn Laszlo after hearing her speak at Winterfest. It is the story of how God guided her to preliterate Hauna village in Papua New Guinea to bring them the Word. This village had their primitive spoken language, but no written language of any sort. She arrived not knowing one word, and spent over 20 years learning their words, developing an alphabet, writing primers, teaching villagers to read and write and eventually formed a team to translate the New Testament. It is a short (about 180 pages) book, but made me tear up or cry almost every time I sat down to get a few paragraphs in. The joy and excitement the village felt when they finished their complete rough draft took over 7300 days of work. It is really an amazing story--I recommend it for a quick, uplifting read.

Anyways, as I was finishing it up Thursday afternoon, I read something that really made me think. After finishing their New Testament translation, Marilyn and 6 Hauna men came on a one-year tour of the States. The held over 200 speaking engagements. They experienced quite a bit of culture shock-When Marilyn had first come to Hauna village in 1969 (I think) the people had never seen white people, modern medicine, radios, or many of the other things she brought. After spending nearly a year in the States, one young Hauna man told Marilyn,

Your country is great but it moves too fast and has too much stuff. And lots of the stuff doesn't even have any function. Knowing Jesus is not about having stuff. There are three things that seem to control most Americans' lives--their watch, stoplights and money. We don't need any of those things to live in the jungle.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Trip (Part SEVEN...HOLY COW!!)

This is FINALLY the last post of our End-Of-March-For-The-Wedding-Trip!!! Lots of road time, lots of family time, lots of fussy time, and this last day was some great time for Jon and me to get to hang out with the kids before returning a vacation from our vacation! :)

Well...after almost 2 weeks on the road, out of town, we finished off our trip on the drive home by stopping off at the Nashville Zoo. Sunday night we made it to about an hour away from the zoo. We woke up and the morning was rainy, but we decided to just get there and see how it looked. By the time we made it to the zoo, the clouds were almost gone and it turned out to be a beautiful, warm, sunny day! As with all of my latest posts, BEWARE! This is a MPP-a many picture post!!! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Awesome day!

Today was just a great day! I thoroughly enjoyed all of it! Some friends came over to visit and hang out this morning, and my kids love getting to play with their friends. Then, after naptime we were so excited b/c it was Lawson's first tee-ball game!! We got some very cute video and pictures, which I will try to post later this week (too tired now), and Lawson really had a lot of fun. After the game we got pizza and went over to the park with Jason and Sunny. The kids and the dads ended up running around playing soccer and football and it was really neat for me and Sunny to sit at the picnic table watching our kids acting so big!! It was also nice to just sit and visit and talk. I just LOVED this day!

Tonight, Lawson said the sweetest prayer. Many months ago he was in the phase of thanking God for EVERY LITTLE THING, but lately it's been a one or two phrase prayer and that's it. Tonight, though, out of nowhere he said,

Dear God,
Thank you for the sun and the clouds in the blue sky. And thank you for my frog and thank you for giving me my monkey. And thank you for my Mommy and my Daddy. And thank you for my great day with my friends.
In Jesus' name, Amen.

Ahhh...there's nothing sweeter.

I second that thought....Thank you God, for this great day! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

I've been tagged... my friend Anna. Here goes nothing...

*Maybe I should...keep a cleaner house...but why?

*I love the smell of...freshly cut grass, food on the grill, vanilla extract...

*People would say that usually late and a very cluttered, messy person

*I don't understand why...people don't use their signals when they are going to turn,

*When I wake up in the morning...I think, "Here we go again...How long til naptime??"

*I lost my will power don't really have any willpower for anything...I think I'm too tired!

*Life is wonderful with...the security I have--with God, my husband, our friends...I feel blessed...

*My past made me...strong in some areas, weak and angry in other areas, skeptical of some people and resistant to help or vulnerable situtions

*I get annoyed when...I get woken up before I'm ready to get up

*Parties are not...much fun for me because I'm not a fan of fake small talk

*Dogs are...slobbery, hairy and usually smelly

*Cats are...boring

*Tomorrow I am going to...have some friends over for a visit then go to Lawson's first tee ball game!! It's going to be a great day!

*I have a low tolerance for...people who don't do jobs the right way

*I'm totally terrified of...something happening to Jon and feeling completely alone

*I wonder why I thought my life would be...not sure...I'm cool with my life

*Never in my life...would I have thought I would be a paper girl!

*High school was something that...was fun but the end was a welcome sight!

*When I'm nervous...My face gets red and my stomach gets upset.

*Take my advice...if a child is asking you to read a book to him or play with his cars, put the dishes back down in the sink and go sit down.

*Making my bed is...something I do if company's coming over and I think there's a chance they might go upstairs.

*I'm almost always...tired.

*I'm addicted dr. pepper, chewing gum, looking at what time it is, brushing my teeth and q-tipping my ears :)

*I want slow down enough that if an opportunity comes up to help someone they have time to take it...

I tag Jamey, Whitney, and Bethany...ONLY if you have time and want to! :)

The Trip (Part Five)

Okay...finally I am posting the pictures from the personal shower, wedding and last pics with my family. These are from that trip I took in MARCH.. I have just come to terms with it--I am not a "get-it-done"-er!!! I put things off and put things off...Anyways...these two posts are some pics of my and my family and friends...hopefully soon I'll get the pics of our last day of the trip at the zoo--this this trip coverage will be finito!! :)
The personal shower was at a spa--wonderful!! If you are throwing a personal shower do this b/c it is a great idea! Everyone signed up ahead of time for what they wanted, and it worked out b/c everyone in the wedding wanted to get nails done anyways. Others got massages and waxes and things like that--so much fun!
This is the mother of the bride, Sandy
Lynnette getting pampered at her personal shower

Me and Whitney...This is way better than the one she put on her blog!!

Me and my mom..this may be the best picture of us, ever....

Me and my friend Linda

My friend Christina and me

Lynnette and Beth

All this snow in the 2 hours we were at the shower... it was still coming down heavy when we were leaving. Lynna had just gotten her nails done so Beth and I were gonna scrape her windows. Well..between all of us there was just one scraper, so I thought, "If I open then slam the door, maybe the snow will fall off..." Well, it didn't work but Lynnette thought it was very funny so she re-enacted it for Beth. This is her pretending to slam her door shut.

Oh, well....guess you had to be there! :)

Driving home, this is the freeway by my old house where I grew up

Almost back to the apt, but these roads are crazy!

This is Lynnette's niece, Nola, and her grandma. I just thought this was a sweet picture!

Lined up outside the "practice room"--there was a wedding in the acutal conservatory that the real wedding was going to be in.

Jon and Justin had to 'sit in' as bridesmaids for two girls who couldn't show up. They couldn't be prouder!

Here's Lynnette overseeing the rehearsal...looks like everything was going ok!