Monday, May 19, 2008

The Trip (Part Five)

Okay...finally I am posting the pictures from the personal shower, wedding and last pics with my family. These are from that trip I took in MARCH.. I have just come to terms with it--I am not a "get-it-done"-er!!! I put things off and put things off...Anyways...these two posts are some pics of my and my family and friends...hopefully soon I'll get the pics of our last day of the trip at the zoo--this this trip coverage will be finito!! :)
The personal shower was at a spa--wonderful!! If you are throwing a personal shower do this b/c it is a great idea! Everyone signed up ahead of time for what they wanted, and it worked out b/c everyone in the wedding wanted to get nails done anyways. Others got massages and waxes and things like that--so much fun!
This is the mother of the bride, Sandy
Lynnette getting pampered at her personal shower

Me and Whitney...This is way better than the one she put on her blog!!

Me and my mom..this may be the best picture of us, ever....

Me and my friend Linda

My friend Christina and me

Lynnette and Beth

All this snow in the 2 hours we were at the shower... it was still coming down heavy when we were leaving. Lynna had just gotten her nails done so Beth and I were gonna scrape her windows. Well..between all of us there was just one scraper, so I thought, "If I open then slam the door, maybe the snow will fall off..." Well, it didn't work but Lynnette thought it was very funny so she re-enacted it for Beth. This is her pretending to slam her door shut.

Oh, well....guess you had to be there! :)

Driving home, this is the freeway by my old house where I grew up

Almost back to the apt, but these roads are crazy!

This is Lynnette's niece, Nola, and her grandma. I just thought this was a sweet picture!

Lined up outside the "practice room"--there was a wedding in the acutal conservatory that the real wedding was going to be in.

Jon and Justin had to 'sit in' as bridesmaids for two girls who couldn't show up. They couldn't be prouder!

Here's Lynnette overseeing the rehearsal...looks like everything was going ok!

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Sunny said...

Wow! I still can't get over that snow! The personal spa shower sounds like an awesome idea. That is a great picture of you and your mom!