Friday, May 16, 2008

Lots O' Pics...

Every day it seems I tell myself that I need to post something to my blog...sometimes I even think of ideas or things I want to write about. However, in the morning I am usually trying to come out of my daily coma. In the afternoon, I am either trying to get other stuff done or trying to rest while the kids do.'s been a couple weeks, I think, since I posted. I basically just dumped all the pics on my camera onto the computer then went through to get a summary....It seems this is all I ever do anymore is a picture summary! :)

A few weeks ago on a cool night I decided to try to get a picture of the kiddos in their Dora/Diego Jammies. I'd been meaning to do this all winter, but never seemed to get around to it...So....after an interesting photo shoot I actually got a cute one...then they started getting very silly. They both turned around and perfectly posed this shot for me:

A couple weeks ago we went to another park...(I've been told I should do a post about all the parks in the area...maybe I'll work on that) Here's a pic of my kids climbing the little rock wall.

Any 'photoshoppers' out there who want to fix this for me??? In each pic a different kid is looking and smiling beautifully for the picture!

Here's Lawson the day he got his tee ball uniform. His team is the Cardinals and he has been practicing and enjoying it a lot. A couple of his good friends are on the team, so he looks forward to seeing them, and I look forward to getting to visit with mine! :)

These pretty flowers just popped up last week! They're HUGE! Aren't they pretty?
Um...speaking of plants/flowers...I feel I should update on the recent quandry about our planting project...I potted all the plants in good potting soil in larger containers until I could see how they were going to do. Good thing I didn't dig up any of my yard, b/c the only things that survived are the Sugar Snap Peas, and they are looking rough!! :)

A couple weeks ago, Jon got a new--an unfortunate word, b/c it's really very old--truck! He bought it from some friends at church to replace his Brown Bomber that he's been driving...It's old, but a lot of work has been done to it and we're hoping he can get lots and lots of use out of it!

I REALLY wish Lawson hadn't blinked in this picture...This would be one for him to have when he's older of him and his daddy in the truck. Lawson LOVES this truck! When Jon gets home every day he comes running to tell me that Daddy's home in the Big New Truck!!! A few nights ago, Jon came home and told Lawson that if he would eat a good dinner that just the two of them would go in the truck to get a slush. OH MY! That was the very best thing Lawson could have heard that night, and he LOVED every minute of going out with Jon!
Maybe Jordan will be better at driving a stick than her mommy! I sure hope so!

Last week before a tee ball practice I gave the kids ONE stick from a KitKat bar. 5 minutes later, this is what I found....She had the actual wafer part pinched in one hand, with ALL of the chocolate removed by body heat! She was licking the chocolate but I don't think she actually ate any of it! WHAT a MESS!

I found this in the trash last week. I'm not sure why it was in the trash--the only thing wrong is one missing sticker. I easily wiped it off and sprayed it with disinfectant. we have a "woody" style mini-van in our vehicle collection! By the way...Jordan is sitting all smooshed up in the "trunk" area.

Jordan thinks she is a big girl--you could not convince her that she is not as big as her brother! She's also quite the climber. If she can get her shoulders onto ANYTHING, she can get her whole body on it! Lately I have been finding her in some interesting places...

This is them watching the garbage truck yesterday...


Sunny said...

Love the picture update! Jordan is like a cat. I didn't know that Jon got a truck. How much fun is that? Lawson and Jordan are so cute. It looks like they have the best time together.

Brooke said...

Glad to see you posting again. I was checking daily to see if you had anything new. Cute pictures!


Cute pictures! I love picture summaries. Keep them coming! Are ya'll at the Edgewater park in the top pictures? I recognize it! That one is good because it has that big slide and the little one, too, for small kids. I just wish you could park right beside it and not have to go down the steep hill to get there. Lawson and Jordan look like they're having fun together! Love the "bootie pic", the pic of Jon and Lawson, and the ones of Jordan climbing. :)
P.S. Can you start trash searching for me? You are so good at finding great stuff. :)

Jamey said...

Love the update! Glad Jon got a truck..glad the kids are doing well...if you find yard stuff in the trash, I'll buy it from you! That stuff is so expensive brand new!