Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This may be a rambly, 'tangented' post, but I just realized that I am proud of a lot of people today. I think that I must be hormonal or something, because I been very emotional of late. I was emptying the dryer (go me!!! :) and my mind started to wander. From one thing to the next I realized that the common ground of all my 'stopping points' was one thing--I'm proud!

Let me start off with the story that got me started thinking about this all. It is very sweet to me and I am really writing this down to have it in writing forever... Last night was Lawson's very first tee-ball practice. How'd it go? Let's just say he needs to practice even more! :) Anyways, I was on the bleachers and Jon was out in the field with the other dads helping Jason coach. When practice was over I saw Jon and Lawson walking in together, then I saw them pause and Jon lean down to tell Lawson something. I heard Lawson's little voice, but couldn't make out what they were talking about just then. Later, Jon told me that while they were walking in Lawson looked up and asked, "Daddy, are you proud of me?" Jon leaned down and told him, "Son, of course I'm proud of you!" Their conversation went on a little longer...this part, though, means so much to me. To see my son look into his daddy's eyes longing for approval. Man....everytime it makes me cry. I'm proud of my guys!

I am so proud of my husband Jon. On April 20th, he was appointed as a Deacon over the Youth Group. I am proud and pleased that others see him as I do--respectable, dependable, strong, spritually sound. I am proud that he lives his life in a way that he is scripturally qualified for this position. I'm proud that he has agreed to accept a new role in serving our local congregation of the Church.

Following that, I'm proud of our other friends who were also appointed Deacons in various ministries. We are blessed by being surrounded by a great group of faithful, active friends. I'm sure Douglas, Ben, Philip will do great jobs in service to the Lord. (I can't find the bulletin, I hope I'm not forgetting anyone!)

I'm proud of our dear friend Jason who, after years of school, will graduate this Saturday from Lipscomb.

I'm proud of my fellow mommy friends who daily find their own balance and rhythm in all of the struggles that come with being a mommy. A combination of being a mom, being a wife, being a Christian woman, being a servant to others, being daughters, and sometimes being employees. It's a blessed life but surely has hard days! I'm proud of you ladies!

I'm proud of my friends Janie and Courtney. Courtney just ran her first marathon Saturday in under 5 hours! Janie has run many, but for the first time beat her personal goal of 4:30!! I know that these girls train tirelessly to meet their goal and I am so inspired by their diligence!! If you are a friend of Janie's of Facebook, read her personal account of the race--it made me teary-eyed this morning!

I'm sure this is not my exhaustive list of everyone I know this morning, but these are the people who have been on my heart today!

Anyone you're proud of and you want to give them a 'shout out'???


Bethany said...

Holy moly....I am crying!!! Thanks Stacy for reminding me of all the blessings in my life. Even though I don't know all your friends, I am proud of them too. And I have just as many friends and family that I am proud of on a daily basis....time to start thanking my God for them!

I am proud of my husband for being the constant in my life when I feel like everything around me is coming and going. (It's not easy to be that for me !:))ha!

Sunny said...

That is such a great post Stacy! The story of Lawson looking up and talking to Jon is just absolutely adorable. You have such a sweet and precious family. Thank you so much for your kindness and friendship!

Jamey said...

I agree with Bethany that it's nice to be reminded of the blessings in our lives....thanks!

The Bowerman Blog said...

I am so proud of all those guys as well. It shows how much they love the Lord and how much they want to lead others as well as their families. It makes me proud to know those guys who are now deacons their.
Marathon girls - well I'm just amazed. That is a huge accomplishment!
I've always thought so much of you and JOn and even more so now in seeing how you raise your kids with the Lord at the top. The both of you are great examples to everyone around you. Thanks for encouraging me just by reading your blog. Love ya'll and miss ya'll.


Thanks for taking the time to share all of that, Stacy. I think sometimes I get so busy that I fail to stop and thank God for the people in my life that help me to stay on track just by the way that they live. You and Jon are some of those friends for us. We're so thankful for ya'll. It is such an encouragment to me to have girl friends like you that are in the same stage that I am...raising kids and trying to balance everything else in life. I learn a lot from ya'll with the way that you are raising Lawson and Jordan. I am proud of Jon and Ben, too, as well as the rest of the guys you mentioned.

I am proud of Ben for taking a leap of faith with this new job he started and believing that God has opened this door and that He will continue to take care of our family.

Jason said...

Great post. Let me echo your words...I'm really proud of Lawson! Tell him "Coach Jason" can't wait for our next practice!

Brooke said...

This post is so sweet! I need to do a better job at telling people that I am proud of them. Jon plays such a big role with leadership at Mayfair and we are lucky to have in! Ya'll are such a blessing to so many people.