Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Trip! (Part Two)

Friday we hung out with my dad a little bit...he came over and visited for a few minutes then we ran to get lunch. My favorite thing to get in MI is a's basically a pita sandwich w/cut chicken tender strips and lettuce and mayo and ranch--I get no tomatoes. YUM YUM!! So we hit a nearby Coney Island restaurant....

It was time for the kids to take a nap, so we headed back to Gram's apt. I put the kids down. My brother, Eric, came by and the three of us visited while the kids napped. After they woke up, we went to get pizza. By now, it had started snowing and they were predicting 4-12 inches! Yikes!

We ran by my dad's place for a little bit then came home b/c the kids were irritable and tired (remember--we are only on day 3 of 13!) and I promised them there would be snow to play in when they woke up in the morning! Sure enough there was--about 4-5 inches worth!!

It doesn't do this in Alabama!!!

"Let's go play, Mom!"

Lawson saw this tree and said "Look, Mommy, A Christmas Tree!!!"

They were pretty timid about actually walking in the snow at first.

I couldn't find Grandma's shovel, so I used a broom. Here's Jordan helping me out.

Lawson picked this up and told me it was the "Biggest snowball I ever seen!"

Dad wanted to take us to breakfast, then to the park to watch the kids play. They had such a fun day!


Sunny said...

Now that's SNOW!!! I'm glad that Lawson and Jordan had such a fun time playing in it. Makes me cold just looking at it!

Whitney said...

I said the same thing about the trees in "our" backyard while we were there! "Look, Justin! Christmas trees." He said, "No, Whitney, those are just the trees they have up here." I know, Justin. I was just excited to see snow-covered evergreens ;-)