Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pine Needles--Free!

Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone was wondering what we did yesterday afternoon. Jon and I finished working in our yard. A couple months ago I started raking and bagging the pine needles in our pine tree-abundant yard. That time I raked, bagged and tied 13 bags all by myself. Jon helped me rake the rest of the yard into piles. Didn't get it picked up then--between weather and my trip and being sick...just got around to it yesterday.

Whew!!! What a lot of work!! Jon carried the previously bagged bags to the curb for me while I worked hard to rake and fill new bags as fast as he was working! All in all...I think 34 55-gallon bags of needles are on our curb.

If you need any, come before Thursday! :)

Our yard after it's all cleaned up. Looks MUCH better, but some grass would be nice! :)



That's crazy! I know that is exhausting getting all of that done. Glad your yard is clean! :) Hey, where did you get that little seesaw thing in your backyard? It's really cute!

Stacy said...

Ummmm...the same place I got the basketball goal, the jeep, the lawn chais, the table and umbrella, the cozy coupe, the fire truck, the bulldozer, the two tricycles, the little people garage, the toy rake, hoe and shovel, the toy lawn mower, and the slide in my yard...the side of the road!!! :)

Amy said...

I wish our "sides of the road" were like yours! However I will say we found a little bike with a free sign on it when we were taking a walk around our neighborhood.

Girl- you worked hard on that yard! I hope you are putting your feet up this week!