Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just some recent pics

I have recently learned that Jon's Grandma, who lives in Florida, checks my blog daily. This has caused me to feel very guilty when I go days or weeks w/out posting--not b/c of my friends who live nearby but b/c of the many friends and family who live far away and try to check up on us and the kids... So often I find out about people who regularly check but I haven't known b/c they remain, um, "commentless".

We have been eating picnics a lot so far this spring!

A few weeks ago we went to the Botanical Gardens with several friends.

Here is a pic w/ Lawson and a dinosaur and a bad pic of the kids together.

SO....in the spirit of a kid update, here's just some random recent pics...

The other day I just found Jordan sitting in our patio door reading to herself. Mumbling and everything!

Our most recent art project turned into a blue moustache and beard for the girlie!!

My kids still LOVE their baths! It is still a good way to get to bedtime on rough nights.

They will splash and squeal and play with each other. I love it!

At 3 yrs and 5 months Lawson in getting to be so big! He loves so many things--singing, music, playing outside, the park, picnics, Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Bible class, and his Bible teachers. He is very excited about playing tee-ball, and the first practice is tonite! He is talking so much...in fact, he hardly ever stops! He is always FULL of questions! He is usually a very good helper and follows directions very well. We are still experiencing the dreaded all-out temper tantrum every so often, but it's getting better. His new favorite thing is GUM...he asks for it every moment that he is awake! He is very interested in spiders and snakes right now, and those are the kinds of books we must look for at the library. He now (usually) does a good job of just walking by me in the store and I don't put him in the cart or stroller anymore unless it's going to be a long trip. I'm so very proud of him!!

The other night at our last Huddles, Lawson begged for a turn to play the drums on Rock Star.

Jordan busied herself with the piano.

At least she's cute! :)

Jordan is almost 21 months old. It's hard for me to believe that she's going to be 2 in a few months! She loves to read, to eat, Bible Class, singing, playing outside, bubbles, Curious George, Baby Einstein, playing with Lawson, riding bikes, the park... She is talking a lot--using a lot of words and repeating everything we say. Her little voice is so cute to me! She knows her animals/sounds and where all her body parts are. We are working on some colors and basic shapes now. She is able to follow some directions pretty well--I'm sure, I've seen it in person. However, I am frustrated b/c right now she absolutely will not listen!! It's driving me nuts! On her sweeter side...we love it when she gives us kisses and hugs. We also get a kick out of how much she loves to eat...she can be doing ANYTHING...and if we say "are you ready to eat?" she will DROP everything and run and put herself in her booster seat!!

Yesterday we went to Senior Night at Madison Academy's softball game. Two of our dearest seniors have played their hearts out, and we wanted to come show them our support. Here is what Lawson learned how to do...
A catcher, maybe???


Brooke said...

I love all the pictures, especially the blue mustache. IT also looks like ya'll are gonna have a little sibling band! YOu just need a couple more kiddos to play the guitar and sing!

J said...
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Sunny said...

Those pictures are great! Your kids are such fun!

Jamey said...

Love the updates! Wish we could be there to go on picnics with you.

Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

Love the pics. Thanks for the updates. You know I am a fan of pics even if you have nothing else to share ;D I second what Brooke said. I think that you need at least two more to make a full band. Just kidding!!!!!