Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Trip! (Part Three) Easter Edition

After the playing-in-the-snow-filled-morning, we went home for a nap then headed to my mom's for some Easter Egg Coloring. Lawson enjoyed doing this last year, so I knew he would really get into it this year! I still thought Jordan was a little young to participate this year, so I gave her a plastic egg and some bunny (plastic) scissors to play with. I was right...Lawson loved making all the colors, then dipping them in a second (and sometimes third and fourth!) color to see what color they would turn.

One funny thing...notice that Jordan never has the same thing was a very dramatic clothes day for her!! She came over in a shirt and jeans. Reasonable, right? Well, I took her shirt off, just in case she did get into the dye. Well next she poured juice all over her jeans and soaked herself. So...I took the pants off and put them in the dryer. Nakee, nakee!! Done w/eggs, on to blowing bubbles...shirt back on. Poop. Pooped again! All over shirt. Shirt off. Pants dry--back on. Take Lawson's undershirt off and give to Jordan so we can head home. Whew!!!

Sunday Morning--Easter--both kids woke up early, with snotty noses and crying. We barely made it to church, let alone taking time to snap some beautiful before-church pictures. The first ones are when we got to Mom's b/c the Easter Bunny came to Babo's!!! Lawson had been waiting and waiting for the Easter bunny--I forgot to say that while we were walking around the mall we stopped at on the way up that I let them go sit on the EasterBunny's lap but they wouldn't let me take pictures and I didn't want to pay $40 for a package!--and the Easter Bunny did a GREAT job! The kids loved their baskets!

The kids loved these balloons

Best I could do to get both of them.
Notice they are eating fruit snacks.
That is the only reason they are standing still!

I thought this picture was funny. I love how their legs are both pointed the same way. It cracked me up how Lawson just sat down in his chair and crossed his leg over!

I know, we missed Mayfair's wonderful annual Easter Egg Hunt...But how many of you can say you hunted Easter eggs in the SNOW???? Let me say it wasn't the most difficult hunt ever...flourescent eggs show up pretty well on top of white!!!

I wasn't sure if Jordan would get this...but man, did she ever!!! She grabbed that basket, carried it around like a little purse, and every time she saw an egg she would gasp and say, "Oooohhhh!!!" It was very cute!!!

Lawson showed Jordan how to open up the eggs and find the loot. Some had quarters for Lawson's bus. Some had Jellybeans. Turns out those were the hot item--definitely a favorite!

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Sunny said...

They look SO cute in their Easter church clothes! What fun times!