Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How did we go from this...

to this...
It seems impossible that those little kids in the first picture have gotten so big, and even more unbelievable that in 3 weeks from today we will be headed to the hospital to meet our precious 'surprise' baby!!!

Last week, on a beautiful, sunny, breezy day the kids and I walked to a duck pond that is pretty close to our house. Well, scratch that. It looks pretty close to our house when we drive by it in the car! When we walk, with two kids, and I'm all-the-way-pregnant, and we didn't bring any drinks, it's actually quite a hike!!! It was a fun day, though, and the kids had a blast. As I sat (resting, trying to summon up enough energy to make it home whenever they decided they were done!) on a nearby bench, I just found myself remembering the days of going to feed ducks pushing a loaded down stroller and being terrified the whole time that one of my small children were going to topple over into the nasty water! This particular day, though, they just looked so big. It was one of those moments where a little bit of sadness hits you even though your heart is smiling. A little bittersweet.

On a day to day basis I strive to enjoy the gift that I have in my children, and I long to bask in the joy they bring to our family each day. The loving way they play together, the fascinating way they learn, the way they sing and pray to God... There are so many lessons for us as adults as we guide and witness our children growing and developing. It's a scary job, but we trust that God will guide us along the way and that he will be able to fertilize our feeble efforts and mold our kids' hearts into strong Christian servants.

We're so close to this new chapter in our lives--I'm days away from being back in that spot where I'm packing a diaper bag every time I need to leave the house for even only 15 minutes, and pushing a loaded down stroller everywhere I go. A little bit scary, I must admit. It's been almost 5 years since I had a baby. Even more than that little bit of fear, though, is growing excitement. We're ready to move forward and see what lies ahead.

Blessed. That's what we are! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome back, T-ball!

Well, due to lots of rain Jordan finally had her first t-ball practice Saturday morning! She wanted to play this year, and Lawson didn't, so this will likely be our only athletic activity this year due to our year being heavy with 'other activity' later this fall! ;)

It was a beautiful morning and even though she started out shy and didn't really want to play she warmed up pretty quickly and had fun during practice!
Run like the wind, girl!!!
Safe on first, and cute as a bug! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

I can't believe that we actually got up early enough to get ready, get our stuff together and take pictures without being rushed this morning!! I am thankful--we actually got some good pictures this year! Last week when Jon went to preach he wore a suit, so this week Lawson told me he wanted a "preaching coat." We've never done a suit or jacket for him, so I was hoping I could fulfill his request--and I found one on sale!! He was so excited!! He was even more excited when Jon said he would wear his jacket to match him. He put it on this morning and sighed and said, "It looks just how I pictured it!" When I showed him the pictures on the computer he said, "Oh!! I didn't know I looked that handsome!!" We're thankful for our church family and the uplifting day we spent reflecting on the Empty Tomb that gives us hope for a future and eternal life. Then we were blessed to share a delicious meal and fellowship with several friends. It was a wonderful day of family, friends and worship!!

There are a lot of pics--I just didn't want to leave any good ones out! :)
Happy Easter from us to you!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Day of Play

Spring has been a little tricky this year--just when we think it's here, it goes away again!!! Who knows what it's going to be like in a couple days!! This morning we did our school work, but as soon as Lawson was done they were outside playing, eating lunch, then playing again! I went outside to try to get some pictures of them playing...

This picture makes me laugh because Lawson and Jordan had found a place where the training wheels were on the ground but the big wheel wasn't. They were pretending it was an exercise bike and spinning that back wheel as fast as they could but not going anywhere! They took turns and did this forever!
There are several of Jordan--she was in a posing mood tonight, I guess!! Also, my kids are going through this phase where they can just look at each other and start giggling--before I know it they are in full-out belly-laughs!! They think it's just hilarious. Sometimes I agree, but sometimes it drives me batty!!

Anyways, I am thankful for this day that they were able to spend playing together, and I'm thankful that they have so much fun together! These are definitely good times!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby #3's Baby Shower #1

Our friends at church had a Diaper Bag Shower for us yesterday!! We were so excited, and we shared the shower with two other families who are expecting babies soon. Our table is the one on the far right...
We had a delicious lunch, then got to come home and let the kids help us open all of the diapers and supplies our friends hooked us up with!! What a blessing!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Jordan Show

Here are a couple of Jordan...The first one is her singing Have Thine Own Way, which is one of their favorite bedtime songs. She doesn't sing all the words just right, but that's part of what makes it cute! That and her crazy low, monotone voice--especially when she's being shy or a little bit embarrassed!

You can especially hear this low voice in the second video. At first, she's being very bossy to Lawson and it cracks me up, but then she decides she wants to sing a song that she made up (I'm assuming at that very second). I know that when she's all grown up, nights like these will be some of the memories that I cherish most!