Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

I can't believe that we actually got up early enough to get ready, get our stuff together and take pictures without being rushed this morning!! I am thankful--we actually got some good pictures this year! Last week when Jon went to preach he wore a suit, so this week Lawson told me he wanted a "preaching coat." We've never done a suit or jacket for him, so I was hoping I could fulfill his request--and I found one on sale!! He was so excited!! He was even more excited when Jon said he would wear his jacket to match him. He put it on this morning and sighed and said, "It looks just how I pictured it!" When I showed him the pictures on the computer he said, "Oh!! I didn't know I looked that handsome!!" We're thankful for our church family and the uplifting day we spent reflecting on the Empty Tomb that gives us hope for a future and eternal life. Then we were blessed to share a delicious meal and fellowship with several friends. It was a wonderful day of family, friends and worship!!

There are a lot of pics--I just didn't want to leave any good ones out! :)
Happy Easter from us to you!



Those pics are so cute...and Lawson looks so handsome in his coat! :) I'm jealous that you got some good Easter pics...we didn't have such luck!

The HoneaBees said...

Wow! Y'all really did get up early! There are LOTS of pics...and they are all good! Glad everyone is putting their pictures up since it was hard to see anyone!

brooke said...

Your pictures are so pretty!! Y'all look so so cute!! I agree....Lawson looks so handsome in that coat.