Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Sunday when I actually had some time, I wrote 3 posts and uploaded pics--this takes the most time, as you know. I figured that I would get some drafts in store, then when I didn't have time to write I could just click Post and it would put it in my blog!

Well...almost. I did that this morning b/c I'm about to go throw papers (Big Thanks to my wonderful hubbie who, in addition to throwing the route for the past week for me, wrapped all my Wednesday papers for me this morning!) I clicked on the post I did for Part Two of my Michigan trip, and it posted----under Sunday's date!!! You can't change the date!!! So...I just went ahead and posted both of the posts I had pre-written, and wanted to let anyone who wanted to read know that they are under April 6.

So much for posting those on a day when I didn't have time to write--cuz now I just wrote!!! :)

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