Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Trip (Part Four)

My last update on The Trip was Easter Sunday... Now, I proceed in telling the tale!!

I forgot to mention that Friday night after returning from Dad's my high school friend Joann came over to visit with me after the kids went down for the night. It was SO nice to be able to have people over and catch up while still trying to keep the kids on some sort of schedule!

Monday was filled with not much...Kids got up and ate fruit bars and drank milk and watched a few episodes of Curious George that I had DVR'ed and burned. We had a good visit and lunch with my long-time friend Christina. I am SO EXCITED that she and her husband Jhonny are expecting their first little baby in September!! :)

How our mornings started!!

We went home for nap, then went to see ny mom-Babo. I forgot to tell about a near tragedy that happened Easter Sunday afternoon. After opening Easter baskets and having Easter Lunch and hunting Easter eggs, we were Easter'ed out and were gonna go change into different clothes for night-church. (Sounds a little risque, doesn't it? Kinda like night-club..ha ha) Anyways...WE COULDN'T FIND LAWSON'S BLANKIE ANYWHERE!!! Me, Babo, my Grandma, my brother...we were all looking everywhere to no avail. Can I even describe this to you??? Lawson got Blankie from Mr. Denton and Mrs. Martha when he was a little bitty baby. He carried it around with him everywhere until he was 2 and I gave him a life-time sentence to Lawson's bed. Lawson STILL sleeps with him every night and naptime. Sunday night he woke up about 7 times crying for his Blankie. Holy cow!! Still a whole trip to go??? Monday we were supposed to see my dad, but Lawson woke up (early) from his nap to tell me that "I'm awake from my nap so now we can go to Babo's house to keep looking for my Blankie!" So...I called my mom to ask her if we could swing by again. She said yes and started looking for him and FINALLY found him stuffed in the bottom of the hall linen closet!!! Whew!!! :)

Okay... Tuesday after nap we went to see my dear friend Linda Lawson. Because of the friend she has been to me during my high school, college and early marriage years, I named Lawson after her. She had pizza and snacks for us, and we had a great visit. Lawson entertained her on their karaoke microphone. They played games together. Of course, they ate and ate and ate! And of course I forgot my camera!! I wish I had pictures of this night, but don't. :(

Wednesday, we ate lunch with my Mom, my Grandma, and my Grandma's friend Mary. Then we went to the park. I actually have pictures for this, so may not type out as much...We just had a wonderful day. The weather was 50, but windy--warmer than it had been, but still cool! Gram spent the afternoon hanging out w/ Jordan and my mom spent some good time with Lawson!!

My sweet Grandma.

Lawson and Babo
Grandma and Jordan swinging

Let me add another to my lengthing list of terrible pics of them together!!!
This was what I got for trying to get them to sit still for 4 seconds!!!


Sunny said...

That snow went away pretty quickly! I'm so happy that you were able to visit with all of your friends. I know that is SO much fun!

The Bowerman Blog said...

What a fun trip visiting with family and friends. Sounds like you had a ball. Your kids are getting so big (working on number 3 yet):) Ha Ha! I sure do miss Huntsville. I am blogging again - yeah!