Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

Today Jon and I celebrate 6 years of marriage! How exciting! So far this has been a very exciting and fun year. We have really tried to focus on doing a lot more activities together as a couple and as a family and have really been enjoying each other.

Jon is my best friend. He is my supporter and my fan and it is my honor to get to enjoy life with him. My sidebar says I have a perfect husband. Obviously, we all know that realistically this cannot be accurate. What it should say, rather, is that I have a husband who is perfect for me.

Thursday afternoon I received a delivery from the UPS guy. I quickly noticed it was from ProFlowers, who Jon often summons to deliver beautiful flowers to me on special occasions. I was just excited to see what kind of flowers he picked this time.

So...Here is my Thursday delivery...
And with it a note, that said:

So Friday morning I opened the door to go out to the van and there was already another box on the porch. I opened it up and found this:

WOW!!! 3 dozen roses! I was shocked. They actually came with one vase but were too many and I split them up into two. They came with a very sweet note, and I thought it was very thoughtful and nice.

Jon called to see if I liked them, and I told him I did and he asked if they were Peruvian Lilies and I said, "No, 3 dozen roses." So he called, and they said that their shipment of lilies wasn't up to their standards, so they sent me roses as a substitute and were sending me 100 blooms of lilies Wednesday!!! So more flowers are coming! :) How exciting!

Thanks, Jon, for the great anniversary flowers, and for getting to eat out so much this weekend so I don't have to cook, and for 6 great years and the promise of many, many more!



Sunny said...

Happy Happy Anniversary you guys!!!! I am so so happy for the two of you and your six years together. (I only wish that we were there to keep the kids for you!)

The flowers are beautiful! He did good!

Jason said...

Happy Anniversary. Hope you guys have had a good day.


Happy Anniversary Stacy! I actually had it on my calendar and meant to tell you, but I forgot. Oops! Way to go me! :) Sounds like Jon did a good job. Hope ya'll had a good one.