Monday, May 19, 2008

I've been tagged... my friend Anna. Here goes nothing...

*Maybe I should...keep a cleaner house...but why?

*I love the smell of...freshly cut grass, food on the grill, vanilla extract...

*People would say that usually late and a very cluttered, messy person

*I don't understand why...people don't use their signals when they are going to turn,

*When I wake up in the morning...I think, "Here we go again...How long til naptime??"

*I lost my will power don't really have any willpower for anything...I think I'm too tired!

*Life is wonderful with...the security I have--with God, my husband, our friends...I feel blessed...

*My past made me...strong in some areas, weak and angry in other areas, skeptical of some people and resistant to help or vulnerable situtions

*I get annoyed when...I get woken up before I'm ready to get up

*Parties are not...much fun for me because I'm not a fan of fake small talk

*Dogs are...slobbery, hairy and usually smelly

*Cats are...boring

*Tomorrow I am going to...have some friends over for a visit then go to Lawson's first tee ball game!! It's going to be a great day!

*I have a low tolerance for...people who don't do jobs the right way

*I'm totally terrified of...something happening to Jon and feeling completely alone

*I wonder why I thought my life would be...not sure...I'm cool with my life

*Never in my life...would I have thought I would be a paper girl!

*High school was something that...was fun but the end was a welcome sight!

*When I'm nervous...My face gets red and my stomach gets upset.

*Take my advice...if a child is asking you to read a book to him or play with his cars, put the dishes back down in the sink and go sit down.

*Making my bed is...something I do if company's coming over and I think there's a chance they might go upstairs.

*I'm almost always...tired.

*I'm addicted dr. pepper, chewing gum, looking at what time it is, brushing my teeth and q-tipping my ears :)

*I want slow down enough that if an opportunity comes up to help someone they have time to take it...

I tag Jamey, Whitney, and Bethany...ONLY if you have time and want to! :)


Sunny said...

Those are great Stacy! I love the one about parties. And I couldn't agree with you more about getting a job done RIGHT!

jon said...

WHATEVER!!!! - You don't get annoyed when people don't use their turn signals - you get annoyed at me getting annoyed at people not using their turn signals. UGH - theif.

Jason said...

I laughed out loud at the Q-Tip comment!