Thursday, May 31, 2007


Okay...Saturday in Atlanta, I took the big plunge and bought a new pair of Tennies.

The ones I had were from Walmart. I bought them in October to take to the Fall Retreat for the youth group. They were supposed to be the shoes I took in the river, so I could put my regular ones on when we got back. I FORGOT, though, and wore my regular ones in the river. Sooo...the new Walmart shoes were now my regular shoes. I have bought many a shoe at Walmart, mind you, but never Tennies. They grew on me, though, and I really liked them. They do, however, tend to wear down quicker!!!

My lovely Walmart shoes had begun to dirty, stink, tear--pretty much fall apart. So...We went to the mall, and I tried on MANY shoes. I am usually very picky about shoes...and now that I had more than one or two to pick from, I tried so many!

I finally came to settle on a pair of New Balance shoes. 472s...they're gray and orange. And I was so excited!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!!

Until this morning. I had worn them a couple short times over the weekend, and noticed a little bit of discomfort...but assumed that I was just getting used to them and they would be fine. This morning, though, I went for a walk, and rubbed the MOST GIGANTIC PAINFUL HOLE-IN-MY-FOOT BLISTER I've ever had!!!!

Are you allowed to take back shoes to the store when they have a bloody stain on the inside of the heel? They're obviously not working for me!!! OUCH!!!


Jamey said...

Take them back!

(If you weren't exaggerating for the story's sake, and there really is a bloody spot...peroxide works magic!)

Stacy said...

There really is a bloody spot!! The sock I took off was red on the ENTIRE heel!! Jon's jaw dropped!

Jamey said...

Ouch! So you and Jon returned with foot sorry.

Stacy said...


On Tue, June 5--11 days after buying these shoes and 4 days after the awful blister, I took them back to Shoe Dept here in Huntsville, fully expecting to return them but not without a fight! I was able to return them, and there was no fight involved. The lady was so kind and cooperative!!! She was also apologetic that the shoes had hurt my feet!

Money back...Things always seem to work out! What a relief!! :)