Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm old!

What a crazy weekend!!! It was jammed full of wonderful activitiess! Friday night all four of us packed up an insane amount of stuff--all because we were planning on being away from the house for more than 2 hours!! So after stuffing 2 strollers, 3 camp chairs, a soccer ball, a baseball bat, a baseball, 3 books, some goldfish crackers, some fruit snacks, 2 cups, 3 bottles, some baby food, 2 bibs and a burpcloth, 8 diapers, wipes, some blankets, 3 jackets, a change of clothes for each kid, a pair of pajamas for each kid, and an assortment of (hopefully) entertaining baby toys into our (now seemingly small) Honda Odyssey (which still has a broken radio...), we headed off to Madison County's Relay for Life.

This year our team honored the memory of our sweet sister, April Warren Page. The team raised money throughout the year by means of a Chili Supper, an Ice Cream Social and other personal donations to honor the memory of April.

April went HOME in November after a relatively short battle with cancer. She was so young, but throughout her battle she showed everyone around her what true grace, peace and dignity are all about. She was an inspiration--always with a positive word to say and a smile to give away.

April and I were both alumni of the Spanish program at Harding University. She was 4 years younger than me, so I did not know her at school. When we met in the Homebuilder's class, though, we had an instant connection laughing and reminiscing about our memories. We shared stories about our favorite Spanish teacher and mentor, Ava Conley. We talked about mission trips we went on and going to Spanish church. I was so excited to find someone to share with.

We also were able to visit most Fridays on the way to her radiation treatments. I always woke up hoping she would be having a "good day". Even when she was weak she and Brandon met me with smiles on their faces. In the car, she would tell me stories about how she had planned her wedding, arranging her own flowers and making her own cake!! They had such a neat stories--and during her battle with cancer, Brandon was an example to all of us what a faithful and loving spouse looks like.

In July, I was privileged to be able to help April and Brandon pack up some of their stuff and move it to their new house. It was so hot--I walked in and the apartment was like a tornado!!! There were so many fans blowing!! I couldn't believe how hard April was working. She really wanted to be able to do it all for herself--but I was so glad to have more time to visit with her. During one of these times was when I first met Iris, April's mother. I instantly saw how April had grown into such a graceful, humble woman.

The day I heard April had Gone Home was such a bittersweet day. I was sad that she was gone from us--I was sad for myself that I would not have her here anymore. But she had suffered so much. I was so glad she was out of pain and exploring Heaven.

These are some of my memories of April. Everyone who knew her has their own, I'm sure. They have to, because she was that kind of person. And that's why we honor her.

The relay was great! Rebecca Keller and Joy Cagle put countless hours into planning fundraisers and the event so that everything would be successful. We had a good turnout. Several off the women helped run activities at the Kid Zone, sponsored by Sammy Benson's landscaping business. And we all enjoyed seeing Murray and Iris there and hanging out at our tent.

I thought we might hang around until 10 or 11---and at 12:45 we started heading toward the van!!! Lawson was a trooper--never took a nap or anything and was still marching around talking and singing up a storm!! Jordan took a nap in her stroller, then was good to go!! Jon and I were sitting around visiting, telling stories, laughing and making fun of the karaoke singers with the other Homebuilders who were out late. It truly was a good time.

In case you were wondering:
We used 1 1/2 bottles. 1 cup. 1 stroller. 2 chairs. The jar of food. 3 diapers. 1 book. And the pajamas. The rest we just brought along for the company, I guess. But hey--on the rare chance we would've been wrecked on the side of the road in a snowstorm on the way home, we would've been fine!!!

After getting home at 1:30 from Relay, I did my papers and got home at 4:45 am. Jon let me sleep til about 11:30, the I got up and started getting ready for FREE--the Mayfair Girls' Retreat. I got there at 2:30, ready to stay up all night-Again!

We do the 11th grade Huddle group at church, and several of my girls were there when I got there! Along with a few Seniors and Mindy, the YAC, they put together a great retreat!! Fifty-something girls were there, along with several Lipscomb-ites who came to hang out. Beth MacDowell (a former intern and a DLU alum) was the speaker, and she did a great job.

We had so much fun and good spiritual food this weekend. There were Love Lines, a chance to write encouraging notes to everyone there. Prayer and verse cards with inspiring messages were on the wall. And then there were the games.

Identity Theft (named by Louisa) was great--cards with people/characters taped on our backs. We had to ask yes/no questions to find out who we were.

"Am I a cartoon?" Sometimes
"Am I white?" Sometimes
"Sometimes??!!??" How can this be?"
I'm glad I wasn't Spiderman!!!

The poor little girls who had never played were so stumped.
"I can't think of any more questions!! I just don't know!!"
Well, what do you know so far?
"I'm a boy. Oh, and I sing. That's it!"

We stayed up late playing Fruit Basket Turnover, watching High School Musical (cuter than I thought it would be), and visiting in our hotel rooms. Then breakfast at *AAAAAAGGGHHHHH, NOOOO* 8:30!!!!

Overall, it was a great weekend. I enjoyed the Relay, and I loved getting to know our junior and high school girls better. I'm really proud of the leadership and responsibility that they possess--I can't wait to see them grow into strong Christian women.

It was a great weekend, but I now know that I am no longer young. I no longer posses anywhere near the energy and enthusiasm I had in college or HS. I am old and boring and enjoy a good nights sleep almost as much as anything else!! I was pooped! Exhausted! Crazy!!
This morning, Jon graciously let me sleep in again though, and I have been restored to full consciousness. Starting to feel normal again. And then I remember some talk of an all girls sleep-over at my house this we go again!!!

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