Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fun Weekend Away--Busy When We Got Back!!!

We had such a fun weekend in Atlanta! A big thanks to Jon's parents for coming to watch the kids, and to the Newby's for giving us tickets to see the Braves! Smolz, the pitcher, pitched his 200th win the night we were there. We went on a good night, because I think they've lost 4 or 5 straight since we've seen them, and Smolz went out injured last night!

We got to Atlanta just in time to get to the ballfield. We enjoyed the game, then went on to the hotel. I got a room at the Mariott on priceline for $50/night! Yeah!

We went to Underground Atlanta on Friday. We were going to go hiking at Stone Mountain, but Jon suffered a minor injury Thursday night--I was FREEEEEZING in our hotel room, so he went down to the car to get the blanket I had brought. In the parking lot, he tried to take the shortcut over the median, instead of going around on the sidewalk, and TRIPPED! He skinned up his knee and Big Toe, and landed full-out on his BELLY!!!!! (Don't even bother trying not to laugh--It's impossible!!!!) Fortunately, he's fine...but his toe hurt too badly to put his Tennies we chose something we could trek around in Flip Flops.

This pic is in front of the fountain at Underground Atlanta.

When we left our lovely kiddos with our parents, our little girlie was perfectly content to be laying wherever she was laying, or sitting wherever she was sitting, because she did not have the ability to do anything about it! However in two and 1/2 days we came back, and Nana and Papa had taught her SO MUCH! This is what she did when I went to get her from her nap...

Sitting Pretty...

When we left, she couldn't go from laying to sitting!

I'm coming to get you!

She couldn't crawl, either!

Almost there...

She couldn't pull up, either!


See what I learned while you were gone!!!

Nana called our first night away and told us we'd better get a lot of rest, because Jordan was figuring everything out... Now our lovely almost-10-month-old can go from laying to sitting, crawl everywhere, and pull up on almost anything!!! She's into EVERYTHING!!!

Lawson's favorite thing to do is BEG to go outside and "DWING"! He asks all the time...I think he would sit in the swing for hours and hours if I let him!

What a cute smile!!! :)

Some more random information...

*While we were gone, Jon's dad provided me with a most GRACIOUS surprise.....A NEW RADIO!!!! I'm sure all of you who read my very first post are so happy for me!!! :)

*I'm sure all of you in this general area can relate, but I woke up this morning at 3:00 and smelled smoke and saw haze...If it's this bad here, I can't imagine what it's like there...Let's keep the people who are being victimized by wildfires in our prayers.

*Just wanted to say that while I was listening to talk radio (Mike Gallagher) last night I heard this story...It's Crazy!!!

Remember the Cardinal's player who died a month ago, Josh Hancock? Well, he died after going to a bar, getting drunk, then getting into his SUV with a Blood-Alcohol Level of more than 2X the legal limit. He was driving down the freeway, on his cell phone, and he hit a tow-truck that was assisting a stranded motorist...

Now, Hancock's DAD is SUING the following: The restaurant, the tow-truck driver, the towing company, AND the stranded motorist.....

Just wanted to let you know not to break down on the freeway...if a drunk person on a phone in a SUV hits you, you might get sued!!!

Now have a nice day!! ;)


Jason said...

Glad y'all had a fun time. Happy anniversary.

I watched the ball game, but I didn't see you guys! I was rootin' for Smoltz to get #200.

I was upset when Josh Hancock died, but as more and more information comes out, it gets more and more ugly. I hadn't heard that his father was going to sue. That's terrible.

Stacy said...

You probably didn't see us because they don't usually use much airtime in the UPPER DECK!!!! :)

It was really a good location, though...WAAAAY up top, but right behind home...

Jason said...

That's good. I've been to their park many times and I don't think there's a bad seat in the house.

For some reason, I was thinking y'all were in the outfield bleachers, though.

Jamey said...

Sounds like a blast.

1) Jordan looks just like Lawson in the crib...

2) Lawson is growing up too fast!

3) Glad you had fun in Atlanta..I feel like we were there a week after you guys...we got to go to Stone was fun, but we didn't do much hiking. Apparently this baby is weighing me down more than I thought.

4) Yeah for the Radio!!!