Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The kiddos

I used to be so good about posting pictures when Lawson was a baby. There were always updates and stories...Then came Jordan. I'm sure some of my friends and family may not even believe she exists because pictures have been so sparse!!! We just recently got Internet access at the house, so I'm going to try to do better about posting some pics. Here are some from Christmas and a few recent faves.

Okay, so this one is from Halloween...Lawson was Elmo and Jordan was a pumpkin!

For those of you who didn't get one of the Christmas cards I never sent (even though I printed them, paid for them, AND addressed the envelopes!!!), this is the pic Jon chose to put on the card!

This is the GOOD one that I worked 2 hours to get...This was my vote for the card, but Jon won!

Here is Lawson dyeing Easter Eggs. I thought when I bought them that he would just like to watch me do them, but after I did one or two he wanted to try. The rest of the night was all about him--he did all the eggs I boiled, most of them were dipped in every color 2 or 3 times--but hey, he came up with some really cool eggs!! See Jordan on the table? She was watching his every move!!

This was Jordan at the Easter Egg Hunt at church. It was sooooo cold, so they had it inside. I told Lawson to find her some eggs too. He quickly discovered there was something in each egg, so before long he was picking each egg up and shaking it by his ear to see if it sounded like something he wanted! I asked him find her a pink one--he picked up one, shook it, didn't hear anything, and put it down and chose another pink one!! What a smart kid!

This was Easter morning. This is what I get these days when I ask for a smile!! Cheeseball city!! This was the best pic I could get of him. He may think it's funny now, but when he's a twenty year old stud bringing home his girlfriend from college, he'll wish he had just smiled!!!

This is beautiful Jordan on Easter morning. Thanks to her friend Abby Kate, she had a pretty dress to wear! She always wakes up bright eyed and ready to go!

Here is my studly hubby and our two lovely kiddos!

Actually got a good one of them together!!! Jordan had just gotten good at sitting up, and previous attempts had always ended up in two crying kids and a frustrated mommy!! Finally--SUCCESS!!! :)

This is the Pampers Parade!!!


Jason said...

Great pictures.

Did you really post these at 3:42 AM? Yikes! No wonder you're tired!

Oooh--Pick Me! Pick Me! said...

Must be set on wrong time zone...more like 5:42...but, yes, early. Didn't go back to sleep today!!! 11:30am and I've been up almost 8 1/2 hours already!

Jamey said...

What great pictures! I'm so glad to see updated ones.

I'm just now catching up on your last post as well. Sounds like lots of fun and tiredness. I didn't need to tear up hearing you talk about April, but I did anyway.

P.S. Thanks for allowing my blog to host your VERY FIRST comment!

Kenny Simpson said...

Good pictures. She does exist...