Saturday, September 15, 2007

"The car has a boo-boo? Maybe it needs a band-aid!"

Honestly, I think it's gonna need more than a band-aid!!!

So....yesterday, I left the house about 2:45 to run some errands. I went to the bank, then to Southern Family Market to renew our car tags. We stood in line for 45 minutes (crazy, I know!) with the kids being so well-behaved on their stroller. Everyone in line was kind, and there was a particularly sweet lady who kept talking to them and playing peek-a-boo with Jordan. Finally it was time to leave--it was 4:30. I hopped onto 72, going east, and by now it was rush hour. So much traffic! The light at Nance turned red, and I slowed down. There was a lot of traffic, and I had to stop pretty quick, but was paying attention and had plenty of room. (Amazing, but I wasn't even tailgating, which I tend to do!) The car behind me also had come to almost a complete stop, but I looked in my mirror just in time to see that the car behind her had not been paying attention and therefore did not get the "Everyone's stopping" memo.

The white Ford in the back hit the red Grand Cherokee in the middle who hit me in the front!!! I'm telling you, she PLOWED into my back door!

It's crazy how in a millisecond you can think so many things...I swear, this was my thought process in less than a second:

Whoa, traffic stopping quickly. Will I have time? Yes, Plenty of time. Wait, I don't know if that car behind me is gonna stop. Yes, it's okay. WAIT...I don't think that other car is stopping. Oh my...She's gonna hit me! Wow, that was LOUD! Pull off, pull's a driveway. Check the everyone ok?

So...I called Jon, then the police. While waiting for the officer, I decided to get everyone's information. So...I get out of the car, and who's in the car behind me? The nice, sweet lady from the line at the store!!! Crazy! She was so sweet, and it was totally not her fault...We exchanged info...then went to the guy in the Ford. They appeared to be uninjured too. However, their adult pregnant daughter was in the backseat. Totally hope she's fine!

Name? ..check. Address? ...check. Phone Number? ...check. Insurance info?'m sorry...we've been going through a hard time and don't have insurance.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? (I stole that line from you, Anna!)

So...I call my insurance...who tells me that we have full coverage but will have to pay our deductible. Super stinky.

Well, an hour and forty five minutes after the accident, the officer shows up. Thirty minutes after that, he's giving me my paperwork and telling me Im free to go. And then he tells me I should take my kids to the ER to be checked because in another accident he worked on the guy said he was fine than COLLAPSED BECAUSE OF INTERNAL BLEEDING!! Hello...too much information!! Anyhow...I called the pediatricians office, and they recommended it we headed off to get a quick dinner then go to Madison Urgent Care. (We did this so we wouldn't have to go to PED ER then Reg ER for me.)

(Remember....I was only gonna be gone about 1 1/2 hours! It's now 7:50.

So...we were at the Urgent Care center until 10:00. The kids were great. We tried several things to pass the time.

He's too close! He's too close!!

Well, She's touching me! She's touching me!

Of course, there was a football game on! Thank goodness!
The three patients... the end of the day, everyone's fine. The kids looked great after a thorough checkover. The doctor checked just about every place in their body that random blood could be leaking out. Took blood pressure, pulse, oxygen apsorption--everything was perfect. I had three x-rays of my neck. (Which is sore and stiff, but I'm totally better than I expected to be today.)

All in all, it was a long, crazy day...but it was a good reminder to be thankful that daily God has a protective hand covering us.



ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? That's our new favorite line. :) What a crazy day!!! It's just that much wilder when you add kids to the mix!! I'm so sorry about the van. It got nailed pretty good, huh? I guess you can't get the back opened now. I'm so thankful you and the kids are ok, though. Love the pics in the hospital. Looks like they did really well despite everything that happened. I had flashbacks to my accident that I had when I was pregnant. Sounds very similar. That was a scary time. Well, hope your neck gets better.

Sunny said...

I am so thankful that you guys are all okay! I really hate that this had to happen to you (with the kids in the car). Been thinking about you all day and I hope that you are feeling better. PLEASE let me know if there is ANYTHING that I can do to help you out!

Jamey said...

Oh man! I assumed you were ok since you were posting, but a part of me was still scared. Too bad that the people going through the hard time can't pull the money together to pay your deductible. Yuck.

I do hope your neck gets better...get lots of massages!