Friday, March 12, 2010

One of a kind...

I love this picture of my sweet girl for a few reasons. She is such an independent, strong-willed, dramatic, silly girl.

The day I took this picture we were on a field trip to Petco to see and learn about the animals. One would never know unless I told them that while Jordan is entranced by the fish tanks that she is missing the entire presentation on lizards and salamanders and turtles and such. Does she care? Nope. Because this girl does her own thing.

Another reason I love this picture because her shoes are on the wrong feet. And they stayed that way all day. Because she did it herself. And no one was going to be able to make her change it. Never mind the fact that her big toes might be numb the rest of the day--that doesn't matter!
Finally, I love this picture just because that little girl is just so darn cute. I love it when she smiles at me. I love hearing her giggle. I love it when she gets in my lap to cuddle. She's sweet as pie.
And she's definitely one of a kind.

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Jane said...

This is precious. And she certainly is a cutie! I see her during the singing session on Wednesday nights. Your description of her reminds me a bit of me back in the day. :)