Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Montgomery

As always, we had a wonderful time spending Thanksgiving weekend with our friend in Montgomery--the Simpsons. I especially love that the kids are old enough to be as excited about our weekend together as the adults are! Our kids were all talking about it and excited for weeks before the trip!

We drove down Wednesday night after Jon got off work and spent the next 3 1/2 days talking, laughing, cooking, eating, shopping and playing. The kids played a lot, and watched an excessive amount of movies!!
This year I didn't take a picture of our food spread, but it was glorious, as always! We all stuffed our tummies and then, because it was such a pretty day, we went outside and played around on Kenny's brother's scooter. The kids (and most of the grown-ups) had a blast scootin' around the block and taking turns on the regular bikes when it wasn't their turn...I hate that I didn't have a picture of Avery...You may have noticed no one had helmets on...they weren't going very fast, and we also encountered a 'difficulty' when Jon tried to wear the one we did have! :)
Of course Jamey and I went Black Friday shopping, but this year we started at 10:30 Thursday night and didn't get home until 6:30 Friday morning! Of course the guys went to a playoff game Friday night and the kids and moms went to the Burger King with a playplace. Of course we went to Steak and Shake Saturday night (following a new-to-the-schedule and oh-so-fun trip of bowling!)

Sunday we worshiped together and ate at out at a Mexican restaurant b/c we were all sick of Thanksgiving are a couple pics of the kids playing on the fence outside the restaurant:

This was our 8th Thanksgiving to celebrate together--we've gone from 'fresh-out-of-college' friends to new parents to watching our kids grow before our very has been a most enjoyable journey together. This is one of the things I will miss most about life in the USA--this weekend has become a treasured time for our families and I can't wait to resume our tradition when we come back!

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