Friday, August 5, 2011

Who's Who?

So I totally have a thousand other things I need to be doing, but last night I was looking at my kids' baby pictures and couldn't believe some of the similarities!! Since Tobin was born, everyone keeps asking me who he looks like and I keep saying, "My other kids!" Seeing these pics, I see why! There are definitely some differences, but, WOW!

Take a look...I've matched up some of Tobin's pics with his siblings' similar pics at similar ages. Go through and take a little test...they're grouped under their names in the last one.

Am I crazy? Or do they all favor? Let me know what you think!! And how you did! :)
Just the boys:


Michelle said...

They do look tremendously alike! I did terrible on your quiz...but I blame that on only ever seeing your sweet kiddos on the older kids. :) Hope that packing is going well!

Jane said...

They totally favor!!! Wow! That is crazy! And very cute too. :)

Anonymous said...

I got most of them right. It's easier for me to pick out Lawson than Tobin or Jordan.