Monday, January 28, 2008

Christmas in....January???

Dare I go back to where I left off in posting? Goodness! I posted about our trip to OK and the snow, but nothing about Christmas Day or after! WOW! It seems that every day I think, "I'm gonna write a post today..." then I never do! Well, let's see how far I can get before some kids make me do something else!

So...Nana "saved" decorating the tree for the kids to do when we got there, so Lawson and Maddie hung most of the ornaments on the tree. Nana and Mommy helped a little, so that the bottom 3 branches didn't have ALL the ornaments, but it was pretty obvious that the kids ran this show. It was a beautiful tree! :)

Nana has more Xmas decor than anyone I know! The night before Christmas she pulled out Santa and Mrs. Claus and everyone sat down to read the story.

Then Daddy and Lawson put out cookies and milk for Santa. Lawson insisted that two of the cookies were for Santa and one was for him! So, I don't know how Santa knew it, but sure enough there was one cookie left over in the morning and you'd better believe Lawson noticed! He got so excited and started telling everyone "Woook!!! Santa leaved me a cookie!"

I'm sure Santa was glad to have all those cookies, too, because he needed that energy to wrap/leave all these gifts!

The next announcement was "SANTA BWINGED ME A TWAIN!!!" (That is 'Lawson-ese' for Santa brought me a train!) Santa also brought A LOT of other toys too!!! It was so much fun this year to see the kids, especially Lawson, really LOVE Christmas morning!

Lawson and Maddie both got fishing poles from Papa. This is their "casting lesson", conducted by Papa, on the back patio. This was the prelude to the fishing trip Papa has been promising Lawson since forever ago! was FREEZING! I will make a post soon about their fishing day!

Well, I will try to do a couple more posts to bring us up-t0-date in the next couple days. I wouldn't keep your fingers crossed, though! :)


Corey & Alisha said...

I love the pictures! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun celebrating.

Sunny said...

Fun memories! I love the "casting lesson" picture! Can't wait to read up on your happenings!

Jamey said...

Great pictures! Fun memories are now documented!

I had a puppy dog like the one Jordan is playing with when I was little.

THE MORROW FAMILY said... update!!! Looks like ya'll had a good Christmas with your kids and with Jon's family. I bet Lawson had so much fun this past year! That's a fun age. I'm holding out for more posts soon. :)

laura said...

Oh Stacy these are so good. Glad you captured the excitement of Christmas morning. I kind of miss those days.So glad you all got to go. Thank you for sharing.