Monday, April 12, 2010


Here is Lawson with one of his best buddies...I just think this picture is precious! (Well, minus the pile of dirty napkins piled high in front of them! Five kids on one end and four adults way down on the other...can you imagine the mess those napkins had to take care of!!)

Lawson and Joshua have been friends since they were babies because their mommas (here's his momma) were friends and they had no choice! But they have grown into that friendship and absolutely love playing together and being silly together. This is their 3rd year to play t-ball together and they are having such a fun time. I hope that their friendship grows to be strong and deep over the years and that they can encourage each other to live out their faith daily.
I am thankful that Jon and I have good friends who are fun to be with but who also sharpen us in our spirituality. I pray that our children will grow up realizing the importance of having friends who love God and encourage us to be more like Him!

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Jason said...

I love the picture! And I love these little guys!