Monday, September 27, 2010

Skater Boy

For Lawson's 4th birthday he asked for roller skates because he saw Curious George go roller skating on TV. We got him some RollerBlades because I found them on a great deal at an after-Thanksgiving sale with Jamey.

I love that they are adjustable and actually last for about 4 whole shoe sizes! That works out great because it turns out that he was really kind of small to use them back then, and since then he has gone in waves of wanting to put them on and skate around the house. He's always had pretty good balance on them, but he's been a little timid about pushing off to gain some speed and actually roll. Plus, they should still fit him for another 2 sizes!

This past week he has really been persistent in wanting to put his blades on and practice around the house, and Saturday afternoon after it quit raining I asked him if he wanted to try to skate on the driveway. He did, and we went out and he ended up skating for about an hour and 45 minutes! At first, I put on the old roller blades I had and showed him how to push off and get some speed, and after that he was on a mission to keep trying harder and harder!

Lawson, Jordan and I ended up going down our street and across the way to where the neighborhood's old tennis courts are, and had a cars-free place to practice. Jordan was on her bike, Lawson on his skates, and I was walking.

He's got a way to go, but for his first night of blading outside, I think he did GREAT!!

(By the way, he has on his Michigan t-shirt, blue athletic shorts, and his black soccer socks pulled all the way up...It's not tights!! :) He put the tall socks on so he wouldn't get blisters, and it ended up padding his knees and legs when he fell!)
The video's a little dark, but the sun was just about gone! And, he took a minor spill there at the very end, but I am proud of how hard he's trying and how he just gets up and goes again after he falls!

Just another sign that he's getting bigger by the minute!

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