Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not quite how I pictured it...

This first picture was taken several weeks ago with my low-quality phone camera, so excuse the blurriness...but I just had to snap a shot!

When Jordan got this Dora castle and Lawson got his Bat Cave for Christmas last year, I wasn't sure if they would play with them very much. It turns out that they love to play with them, but it isn't quite how I pictured it would be!

I have walked in on this scene several times: They usually put both the castle and the Bat Cave down in the floor, then they proceed to attack the Dora castle with snakes and dinosaurs and spiders--all of Lawson's creepy, crawly stuff. Then, across the way, all of the Barbies get held hostage and locked up in the Bat Cave!! The other day I was helping them clean up the playroom and when I picked up the Bat Cave 4 Barbies fell out to the floor! I couldn't believe it!

Then, this morning, I went into the playroom and saw the following scene. Keep in mind, our Barbies have a couple different white and pink, very girly, princess-ey horses that they can choose from for their mode of transportation. But this particular Saturday morning, Belle must have wanted to take a walk on the wild side...

Like I said, I never really pictured this before! Well, at least they have good imaginations!

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