Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fall Creek Falls

We were so excited when we asked our friends Sunny and Jason if they wanted to go on our church's Family Get-Away at the end of January! I had always wanted to go, but our kids have always seemed so small that the whole trip would just end up being a hassle. With us moving later this year, and the kids getting so much bigger, I thought it would be the perfect year to experience this trip, and it was GREAT!!! The weather was BEAUTIFUL and we all had so much fun together--kids and adults!

We drove up to Fall Creek Falls on a Friday afternoon/evening. We spent some time playing some board games while everyone else was arriving, then we went back to our cabins to get settled down for the night.
Abby Kate and Jordan were super excited to be having a slumber party in the floor! We did have some excitement in the room as there were hundreds of ladybugs fluttering around, as well as one pesky wasp that we finally murdered!!
The next morning we got up to eat breakfast then tried to plan out our day. We decided to spend some time at the park in the morning, then we had to go back and make lunch for everyone. We decided to hike the trails in the afternoon.

Me and Lawson at the playground.
Jordan showing Jackson on the map where she thought we were going. So cute--they always end up paired together.All 5 kids in front of the Fall Creek Falls sign...
Lawson and Joshua. They're best buds...
Love this little guy...
My boys...
Sunny took these pics for us at the smaller waterfall...Love them

The four big kids...can you tell they're used to their mommas making them pause to pose?? :)
We went on "The hike that never ends." It seriously took FOREVER and it was pitch black when we came out of those woods!! When we got to the parking lot, ours was the only car left! I'm glad we took flashlights, and I'm glad we didn't die on the Indiana Jones bridge!! We had some groaning, some crying, some laughing along the really was quite an experience!!

Here's the big kids taking a rest...
Taking another rest with the hiking sticks they'd gathered.
We had such a great weekend with some of our very best friends...I'm so thankful we had the chance to make these memories together!

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