Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Camera!!

While we were at Fall Creek Falls, our camera died on us. Even with a freshly charged battery, the shutter wouldn't come out and we couldn't see or take any pictures. I was so sad that our camera had broken, but I was also super nervous--Our big trip to Honduras was only one week away!! How could we go spend a month in another country with the kids and not have a camera to document it all?

I had finally decided that I was just going to ask a friend if we could borrow their camera for the month, and I was okay with that. I just really wanted to come back with some pictures! I was shocked when some amazing friends who knew about our broken camera surprised us with a brand new camera that they had bought for us!!! It totally caught me off-guard and I couldn't believe that they would be so generous and thoughtful to recognize what a blessing that would be to us! Thank you, special friends, and thank you God for giving us such special friends!

This is one of the first pictures we took after we got the new camera--we were just messing around at home but this one came out pretty cute!

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