Thursday, May 12, 2011

First Tee-Ball Game 2011

When I told Jordan that she had a tee-ball game to play, she threw a fit not wanting to play. We have gone around and around--she wanted to play when it was time to sign up, but now she doesn't. We're making her play. We told her she doesn't have to sign up for anything, but if she signs up, she will play. Turns out that once we got her out there and started, she did great and had a lot of fun! She was a little grumpy for a while, but I was able to get some cute pictures by telling her that she was so grumpy that I wanted to take a picture of her grumpy what did she do? Start smiling. She thought she was tricking me, but who got the cute pictures? ;)

Little Slugger
In the dugout
Hopefully the rest of the season will go smoothly!

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