Saturday, May 14, 2011


These last couple weeks, I have just had a declining amount of energy (wonder why??!!)! Luckily when I need to rest in the afternoons, my kids have been able to entertain themselves and play together to pass the time. They have been coming up with all sorts of things to do, and I've been entertained by watching them play together so well!

From swinging to playing pirates on the swingset, from jumping on the trampoline to coloring the driveway with chalk. The other day was a rainy day and I was trying to get laundry and dishes done--they had been quiet for a while which sometimes causes me a little bit of alarm! They had been playing in their rooms for a while, but when I peeked in, I saw them sitting on Jordan's bed and Lawson was reading her a book. I think they were looking at the pictures more than reading the story, but it was sweet. Not too much later, I heard giggling and then they came out to the kitchen. Lawson held his hands out like he was making a grand presentation, and Jordan walked in like she was the hottest model on the runway! He had put her play make-up all over her eyebrows and lips, and she had put on a ton of jewelry and 'fixed' her hair! They were SO proud of themselves! I had to take a picture of the, ahem, artwork!

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