Monday, July 9, 2007

Jordan can say Bye Bye!

Jordan learned how to say Bye Bye last weekend!! I waited to post b/c I wanted to post the other summer pics first...Hopefully this little video will work...Turn the volume up!!

On another note...Poor baby was sick all weekend with fever, snot, fussiness, sleeplessness, and no appetite...not to mention that I think she's cutting FIVE teeth at one time!!! She seems to be on the verge of yet another ear infection, so Little Girlie will be having tubes put into her ears Friday...She's had five ear infections in less than 7 months, and all the doctors we talk to say it really should be done. We don't want to risk any damage to her hearing and speech. Sooo....please pray for that this week-especially Friday at 7:15am.


Whitney said...

Stacy, she is soooo precious. That was the cutest video! I watched it twice. Bye bye!

Anonymous said...

That was one of the cutest things ever ;) She is so adorable. I am getting into looking at blogs now and leaving comments!! We will be thinking about her and hope that she does well with the tubes.
Bri Maharrey

Sunny said...

I hate that she is sick again! We will definitely be thinking about all of you on Friday. Hopefully she will get the much needed relief that she needs.

Jason said...

Love the video. We'll be praying for her this week.

laura said...

Stacy, that is so sweet. It is just so incredible what youall have that we didn't have when ours were little. That is worth a million.
Best thing we ever did for Jamie is her tubes. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you as we will be on a plane to Mexico early that morning. The hardest thing is nothing to eat or drink. We were walking Jamie up and down the street before we left to have her tubes put in. We will def. be thinking of you.