Sunday, July 1, 2007

Summer Fun

This is Jordan's first ponytai!

Lawson went to VBS at another congregation this week. He LOVED it!
He looked like such a big boy sitting there by himself.

This is his little class walking back to their seat after class.
I put an arrow over Lawson's head.
They all had treasure chests that were almost as big as they were.
It was SO CUTE!

Treasure chests!!

These were thumbnails, so they're tiny...sorry.
After VBS, the Bybees met us at the park. We fed the ducks.
Here are Lawson and Abby Kate.

It was SO hot. Here's Jordan hanging out in the stroller.

Yummy! Popsicles!

Next, we went to the fountain park downtown. The boys LOVED it!!
Lawson loved getting wet...but not splashed in the face.
I guess he had to lay the smack down on that fountain after it got him!

Two little studs!


laura said...

They are so cute. Keep them coming, I love looking at them growing and playing. Thanks for sharing.

Sunny said...

Love the ponytail! We all had so much fun at the park. Lots of fun memories!

Jason said...

Cool pics.