Friday, July 6, 2007

More summer pics

Happy Birthday Joshua and Abby Kate!!!

We spent the fourth in Nashville at Sunny's parents' house for the kiddos' 3rd birthday party. We had so much fun meeting their family, eating the yummy food, seeing the twins enjoy their cake and gifts and swimming in the beautiful pool!!! We were so thankful that we were invited to spend the day with such good friends!

I spent the whole day taking SO many pics, and what I've posted is what I have to show for it!! Frustrating to take 200 pics, but rewarding to get a few priceless ones!!! This was Jordan's first time to really swim (we've been to Alisha's pool, but she just sat on the side and cried). This is why there are more of her than Lawson.

Here are my beautiful children...Jordan will be 11 months old in 3 days. Lawson will be 3 in December.

He thinks he's something, doesn't he!!!

I like this swimming stuff!!!

I think I'm such a big girl!!! Like my new bikini???

We don't have many family pics...Jason got this cute one for us!

Big Bro helping out!

Some good friends gave us a TON of hand-me-downs...Since my son apparently thinks he is now a southern boy (see previous post), I thought he should dress the part! I guess he was feeling particularly "modelish" though, b/c instead of the usual struggle to get a cute pic, he was ALL SMILES!!


Sunny said...

Love the pics!

We all had so much fun and I was so happy that you were able to come up to Nashville with us to celebrate.

Sunny said...

Awesome pictures. Glad Lawson is embracing his identity as a Southerner. Them Alabama boys are proud of who they are!

Jason said...

Ok, that last one was supposed to be me.

Kenny Simpson said...

Great pictures.

laura said...

Once again great pics. Keep them coming, I enjoy looking at them. Jordan looks just like you. She is precious just growing up fast, as you know.