Monday, October 29, 2007

Mayfair's FunFest 2007

Yesterday was the FunFest at our church. It was a huge production with games, prizes, inflatables, a firetruck, hayrides and Trunk or Treat. Everyone who worked on it did a great job! We really appreciate being involved in a church that loves kids so much. Our family had SO much fun!
I made the kids costumes this year. I was pretty proud of the way they turned out. Lawson loves his, and gets so excited every time I tell him it's time to put his Mickey Mouse on! He asked Jon to dress up as Pete, the bad guy from the show. Jon got a blue shirt and a pair of overalls...everyone looked so cute!

Mickey, Minnie and Pete!

Jordan picking a duck and getting a prize

Lawson painting his pumpkin and fishing for a prize

Jump around! Jump around! Jump up, Jump and get down!!!

I love this picture. It's Lawson and his friend Hugh in line for the firetruck.

The best "together" shot I could get.

Jordan was NOT a happy camper by Trunk Or Treat time!

Lawson driving the jeeps.



They looked so cute, Stacy!!! I was very impressed by the costumes. You need to give me some costume making lessons. :) Maybe we can get a picture of your kids with mine Wednesday night.

Sunny said...

SO CUTE!!!! You did a good job on their costumes - Lawson and Jordan are adorable. Looks like fun was had by all!

laura said...

This is priceless. I love the costumes and they look adorable. I missed seeing you though and I am sad. I had to leave at 4:15. I used to make our girls costumes too. Love you guys.

Amy said...

Those costumes are great! And Jon is such a sport to join in the fun. Hope your kids have a great halloween tomorrow!!

Jamey said...

you did a great job once again! I think I'm going to think of you and our crayon making session every halloween.

Imagine how sad I was when Avery changed her mind from being a bumblebee (that I was going to make) to a silly store-bought horse. She loves it though and did look cute.