Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sorry if I've been wasting your clicks!!

Okay...I sat down an hour ago to write a new post, since it's been almost two weeks since my last one. (I figured that those of you who are still checking my blog are tired of seeing my sick kids! Sorry if you waste clicks coming to my blog to see if there's something new here... ) Back to my subject... I started wandering, however, and now both of my kids are awake and I am just now writing something!! I do this all the time...that's why I'm a terrible post-ess. I know what's going on with everyone else but never take the time to write. Let me give a quick run-down...I'll throw some recent pics in here and there b/c illustrated books are more fun than just-word books! :)

1. Lawson's all the way better. Jordan was better, then got sick again over the weekend, is on her second round of antibiotics, and seems much better. She has a checkup Monday with her ENT.

Mischevious little girl!

2. Jon and I finished our 8-week Dynamic Marriage class last Wednesday! It was a really good class-I feel like we gained a lot of communication tools. I am glad, however, that we don't have to get to church at 6 anymore! This is very hard to do!!!

This pic (with all our mess) reminds me of "Where's Waldo?"

Looks like they fit right in w/the mess! :)

3. Jon's parents called to ask if we would come to Oklahoma for Christmas! We pretty much don't go anywhere b/c of the cost of the trip, as well as the cost of a sub for my paper routes. Well...they had frequent flyer miles at got our tickets, and are PAYING FOR OUR SUB!!! Yeah, Parents!!! We are very excited about getting to go spend some family time over the holidays!

Lawson had his face painted at a car show this weekend! Boomer Sooner!

4. Last week Lawson decided he didn't want to be wet anymore. He wanted to be changed after each time he peed, and I told him if he wanted to be dry he needed to wear big boy underwear. Well, he woke up dry the next day, then dry from his nap, then dry the next morning, etc!!!! Long story short--he went almost a whole week w/out a single accident! 3 days in pull-ups, then underwear!!! So...hooray for us--he's potty-trained before age 3!!! :)

His daddy for sure taught him the right way to manage his time on "the Throne"!

5. My van went into the shop Monday. Originally they told me it would be 5 days. Upon getting into it, they found $1200 more in damages. Will now be sometime next week before it's done! We are renting a red Dodge Magnum. It's nice to rent, I guess, but I'll be glad when I get my old van back! Poor thing! Its damages are now up to almost $4000!

6. We have great new carseats for the kids! Right after the accident, I mentioned in our Marriage class that it was a rough time for us. The next Sunday, our teacher brought me an envelope and said someone gave it to him, but he couldn't tell me who. They just said to buy carseats or whatever we needed. It had $300 cash in it! I just sat there in church thinking about it and crying! God really showers blessings, even in the hardest times!

Jamey, Jordan just now LOVES this rocker you guys brought her when she was just a couple days old!

Lawson is having to relinquish what he thought was his chair!

7. Another blessing! Jon got a raise last week! Awesome!

Who needs toys when you have empty cabinets!

And yes, to those of you who thought I had clutter in EVERY nook and cranny in my house, I do have at least ONE area that is completely bare!!! :)

8. Ummmm...I guess that's a good update for now. I'll try to think of something more substantial to write a little later... After my nap... :)


Sunny said...

Great to hear all of the stuff going on in your house! Yeah Lawson! Its all about their timing! I'm glad that everyone is feeling better and so thrilled about the raise! I'm sure that you guys will have a blast in Oklahoma for Christmas. That will be a lot of fun! Love the pictures!

laura said...

Stacy thanks for the update. You are great about updating. I have not done it since this summer. I just do not have anything to write we have a boring house. The things I want to say my girls would kill me so I just have to keep quite. I love every pic they are fantastic and make me smile. Yes, for potty training. You know they are ready when they ask. God blesses those who bless others. We love you guys and glad you get to spend time with family.

Jamey said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going well with you guys! Sounds like you have been showered with blessings!!!

(I second the yeah for parents and nice Christmas trip planning!)


Thanks for the update, Stacy. I have been clicking away waiting for news from you. Just kidding with you! :) I know that sometimes it's not an easy thing to get a post on there....especially when you have sick kids. I sure hope that your kids stay healthy for awhile. Poor Jordan...she has been sick more than any other child I've ever seen. I know that's exhausting! I'm happy that ya'll have some good things happening, though...the raise for Jon, plans for Christmas, etc. God has a way of blessing us and reminding us that He is there in the midst of our struggles.

Anonymous said...

Turn your car seat reciepts in to your insurance company. They will reimburse you for the replacements. It's a law that following an auto accident that they have to do that. Also if your carseats were "tethered" during the collision then they should replace the automobile seats because they could have damage to the framework that is not visible. I learned this from Mike James who is the National Advisor for carseat safety following our accident in 2006. Just thought this information might come in handy.

Stacy said...

Hey anonymous person...Thanks for commenting, but I checked with my Auto Insurance about reimbursing us for carseats and they actually DON'T have to reimburse us. We made a call to Montgomery's Auto Insurance office and they confirmed this information.

We were hit by an uninsured driver. If I were hit by an insured driver, their liability would have compensated us.

However, per Alabama Law, insurance companies do not offer property damage for collisions w/ uninsured motorists. Uninsured motorist coverage only takes care of health care charges. Our own collision coverage takes care of getting the van fixed. And because carseats come out of the van and are not permanent fixtures the are not considered part of the damaged car--therefore they do not fall under the requirements for replacement or repair.

I could claim them no problem on my homeowner's insurance, but the deductible is 500 and the carseats didn't even cost that much.

Montgomery told us that there is currently pending legislation requiring replacement of child safety seats following a collision, but there is currently no law supporting such action.

Kenny Simpson said...

Like all the pictures.