Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is why I don't want to change!!!

Can anyone relate to me???

I am a hoarder. I don't really like to get rid of anything.
I keep old papers. I might need the information on them.
I keep old notes. I might want to read them again.
I keep old pictures. I might want to look at them again.
I keep old clothes. I might FIT into them again. (Ha ha)
I keep old books. I might want to read them again.

Well, you get the idea...I keep old EVERYTHING!

And if I find a screw, I keep it....because WHO KNOWS where it came from and someday I might find that hole that's missing its screw and I might want to put it back.

Until a couple weeks ago. I've been slowly trying to self-convert to the non-cluttery type. It's been a painful process, mind you. Papers thrown away. Clothes given away. And a couple fateful weeks ago I found a single white screw and had no idea where it had come from.

TORN!! Do I keep it? Do I throw it away? Oh my!! All of my non-clutter friends would surely throw it away. "You don't need random screws laying around" they would say. My mind says..."You might need it someday. What if you find it's hole? What will you do then?"

Well, I decided to ...gulp... throw it away. I am trying to convert, after all, and it's just one little screw. What can it hurt?

Today...I found its hole.

If you have any clutter that is fearing for its life at your house, send it over to mine...its safe here! :)


Jamey said...

I'm all about de-cluttering, but you have to keep the screws you find! I have a baggie of 'lost' screws. Even if you don't ever find their home, they can always be useful for a new home when needed.

I am proud of you though for giving/throwing things away. I know it must be hard.... ;)

laura said...

I am right there with you Stacy.

jon said...

Next time we move anyone want to help Stacy de-clutter the stuff we have carried across 4 states and 7 houses?

Sunny said...

I use to be there, but I am a changed woman! I have gone to the other extreme, which can be bad. I love getting rid of stuff. There is nothing more liberating!


I would be one of your "non-clutter" friends. I'll just start sending my clutter over to you in case I need it one day. Ben has this ugly parrot that he got in Jamaica on a mission trip. I have been trying to get rid of that thing ever since we got married. Do you have a place for it? If you decide you really want to de-clutter...maybe me and Sunny should just take care of it and you should just leave for awhile. :)

Jason said...

Get rid of it all. You'll feel better once you do.