Monday, September 22, 2008


That's 'Long Time, No Blog!'

It has been 3 weeks since I have posted anything. I felt obligated to post something today, though, because Jon's grandma called Jon's mom to see if we were ok! When Jon's mom said, "Yeah, why?" Grandma said, "Because Stacy hasn't blogged in a LONG time!"

My dad came for the weekend after Labor Day. We had a good visit, and the kids really enjoyed getting to spend time with him! He doesn't get to visit much, so we really tried to enjoy all the time he was here.
Let me tell you about my Walk-In Clinic escapade....Earlier that week, I had been working in the yard trying to get it cleaned up before the Fall Pine Needle Attack! I'm not sure where or when it happened, but I got poison ivy again!! This is the 2nd time this year! Late Wednesday night I started itching, then Thursday it was a little worse. The Friday he was driving down I decided I just couldn't make it through the weekend without getting 'help'! It was all around my left eye and ear, on my left jaw and chin, down my neck, and on my right shoulder and armpit. My guess--It got on my left glove, then when I rubbed my face and shoulder the oil rubbed off.

My doctor couldn't get me in, but told me to go buy a cream over the counter. I left my house at 11:30 to go get it then go right home. I was only gonna be gone 20-30 minutes! I found in on the shelf and it was $40!!! And the pharmacist told me that by the looks of it my rash was too far gone for this cream to help. She told me I needed to go get a shot. I told her I couldn't get in, and she recommended a walk-in clinic. I ran through the drive-thru to get lunch to eat in the waiting room, then I toted myself and the kids over and started filling out paperwork. She told me it would be an hour to an hour and a half. I took the kids out to the sidewalk to eat a 'picnic.' After an hour of waiting-not counting the paperwork time- I went to ask how much longer. She checked and there were still 4 people in the waiting room that were still ahead of me!!! They hadn't even gone back. By now it was almost 2 and I had both kids with me, no diaper bag, no toys, no cups, no snacks--NOTHING!!

In the meantime, Jon had been looking for another place for me to call and found one that said there would just be a 30-45 minute wait to see the Dr. So....we loaded up, headed ACROSS town, filled out all the same paperwork AGAIN, then started waiting again!! I finally saw a doctor, got a shot, got a pill, plus he gave me an anitbiotic and cough med for my sinus infection. I finally got home at 3:45!!!! So much for a 25 minute trip!!! CRAZY!!!
Last Friday was my 1-year mark from my car accident last year...I am so thankful that I am not having major problems from it!! After particularly long or hard-working days, I do have minor lower-back pain, but nothing I can't handle! What I'm worried about is that I was rear-ended right after I left from renewing my tags.'s that time again, and I'm afraid to go get them renewed again!!! What terrible deja-vu that would be!!!
Last week I called into a radio talk show that I listen to every morning! I have tried to call before, but I always get a busy signal. Well, this time I got through! I told the host how much I enjoy his show and I feel like I learn a lot about the political and social issues surrounding us today. He asked me why I was up and I told him I listen while I deliver papers, but I only get the first hour. He gave me a premium membership to his website for calling, so now I can podcast the other two hours commercial free and listen to them at the gym!!! May sound dumb, but I was SOOOO excited after getting through and talking to him! And SO excited about the membership...whenever I quit the papers, that radio show was going to be what I missed most about my mornings!
About last Wednesday I decided to have a yard sale on Saturday. I pulled out a bunch of stuff that I've had stored and moved from house to apt to apt to house to apt, etc....It was raining in the morning, so I don't think I sold as much as I could've, but either way money is money!!! I started with 5 totes of stuff, plus some bigger things. I have a couple totes left that I'm taking to charity--and Jon and I are so happy all that stuff is GONE!! I feel like I had such a productive week last week sorting through everything then selling and giving it all away!!

Well, that may be enough for now...kinda overwhelming to try to catch up when it's been so long since a post... I'll try to get some current pictures up of the kids this week...we'll see how that goes!!

Happy Monday to everyone!!

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Jamey said...

Glad to have you back! Sorry to hear about the doctor trips...glad you finally got in.

How much did you make at the garage sale? I've been thinking about holding one. Last time was with you guys. Too bad we can't do a joint one again. :(

Miss you guys; good to hear you're doing well.