Sunday, October 25, 2009

Airplane Watching

One beautiful sunny day in September I took the kids airplane watching. This is one of our favorite things to do, and I found a new great place to sit--the airplanes fly directly over us as they approach the runway. It is so exciting to look straight up and see the belly of a plane, large or small, right above you!
Handwriting lesson, anyone? :)
It was HOT! Here is sweaty Jordan taking a drink of the water we brought.
We took a picnic to eat. Lawson and Jordan brought their snakes and some pretend food to feed them too. He's taking a piece of lettuce out of his Rescue Pack (aka plain old backpack. But Diego doesn't have a plain old backpack, so Lawson shouldn't either, right?) :)
Before I got Jordan's seat out of the van I walked over and she had hopped in my seat. I jokingly told her, "Girl, get up out of my seat!" She looked up and told me, "It's okay Mommy. I was just sittin' in your seat for a few whiles." I loved that! She has said that a few times now, and I think it's so cute--I say 'a little while,' and she says 'a few whiles.'

It was so hot, and we were in direct sun, so we only stayed an hour. In that hour, we saw almost 20 planes land! After we got everything packed up we headed to a small park to play for a while before naptime. It was pretty much a perfect day.

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Sunny said...

What fun! I love the "few whiles"! Precious!