Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time with Friends

We love it when our friends Kenny and Jamey come visit every July, and we especially love to watch our kids play together and get so excited to see each other again! They were here this weekend, and we had so much fun, as usual!

Lawson and Avery are only 5 months apart, and Jamey and I were tickled when we noticed that they were both sitting on the ottoman, playing Leapsters, with legs crossed. It was so cute!We had free kids meal coupons for Red Robin, so we enjoyed yummy burgers for dinner!! Here, Jordan is joining in too, but we laughed how Lawson and Avery were doing exactly the same thing again!
We are so excited to have a dollar theater here in Huntsville now, so we took the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon. My kids love this movie--we went to see it several times while it was there, actually! We had a fun afternoon filled with dragons and popcorn and fruit snacks!
Of course there was a ton of swimming! We swam Thursday night, Friday morning, and Friday evening and thoroughly enjoyed the cool water because it was SOOO hot! Here is a picture from Friday evening. Avery wasn't in a smiling-for-a-picture mood that whole night!!
After swimming Friday night we went back to Kenny and Jamey's hotel room to get our clothes back on, and the kids plopped around in a circle to talk, then share a snack. So sweet!
I treasure these times that we are able to spend time together with our dear friends and let our kids grow their relationships and memories. I hope they grow up treasuring these friendships as much as Jon and I do. They are a blessing, for sure!

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