Monday, August 23, 2010

Quite the doodler...

In the last few weeks, Jordan has really taken to drawing, writing and doodling. She has always been an 'arts-and-crafts' girl, and I'm sure that she is going to continue to amaze me with her creativity! I love when they doodle on white boards, and when they do something I love, I always try to take a picture of it so it's not gone forever!
Love these pics of her working so intently on her picture...and her little people are SO.DARN.CUTE. :)
See...I told you!
I just love their big googly eyes, and their rainbow-ey yet thin hair and the cutest little hands and feet you ever saw!! She's also working on her name, but no matter how many times I show her the right way she still makes the J backwards, colors in the O, and gets the last 3 or 4 letters in a jumbled scramble. We're working on it!
This one was so funny I had to write down the story...See the two biggest heads? That's me and Jon. She was telling me about this and said, "That's you. And that's daddy. And these people (waving motion to the other people with just 2 eyes) are me and Lawson and Kenny and Jamey." So I pointed at the one with 4 eyes and asked her who that was and she informed me, "Oh. That's the big, mean, scary monster!" Well then. Maybe that's why we all look so scared! :)
Keep it up, sweet girl!

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