Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Visitors for Jordan's Birthday!

Jordan was so excited when I told her that Nana and Papa were coming to visit for her birthday and that they were bringing cousin Maddison!! Lawson and Jordan love getting to play with their cousin, but we live so far away we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. Maddie and her family recently moved to Texas, so now they live even farther away, and we were so excited that she was going to get to spend some time visiting and that they would all get to celebrate Jordan's birthday together!

The first night Maddison slept with Jordan. I was wondering how they would do sharing Jordan's full-sized bed, because Jordan has never really slept with anyone at all. A few hours after they fell asleep I checked in on them and thought this was super cute--Maddie had snuggled her way right over to where Jordan was!
It was SO hot outside, so we tried to come up with some fun things to do inside...
We also went to see Shrek Forever After and eat at Five Guys (YUM!)
We love getting to eat at Red Lobster on Sundays, here are a couple good pics I got at our table:

Lawson, Maddison, and Jordan outside Red Lobster
On Jordan's birthday we prepared ourselves for a fun day! Here are the kiddos in Lawson's room that morning...
We went downstairs and we decided to go ahead and make the birthday cupcakes. Everyone helped me out, and while they were baking we did Beauty Shop on the girls and I painted their finger and toenails. They LOVED it!And since birthdays only come once a year, we eat cupcakes for breakfast on our birthdays!!Jordan chose Chili's for her birthday dinner and it was a lot of fun...Then we came home for dessert cupcakes and birthday presents. Jordan was sharing the candles from her cupcake with Lawson and Maddison.That's my pretty girl!And there's the diva!!!

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