Friday, October 1, 2010

Jordan's Nail

When we first moved into our house, we painted Jordan's room to match her crib bedding then I painted a sign that matched and glued wooden letters on to spell her name. It hung over her crib, and then later over her big bed, even though it didn't match anymore. One day I walked in to find that she had stood up, taken the sign off the nail, then pulled each letter off the canvas backing. I put the sign up in her closet, and for some reason I left the nail in the wall, not thinking anymore about it.Well, over the last couple years, Jordan has caused Jon and me to laugh so many times by the things she's hung on her nail 'just for a little decoration'. We have walked in to find pictures she's drawn and letters she's written stabbed on the nail, and a stuffed bear hung by it's ribbon collar. I thought I had more pictures of them, but just can't find any more...The one picture I do have, though, is probably of our favorite 'decoration':
I really need to paint that girl another sign! :)

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