Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

I was so excited to be able to travel to Michigan at a time that coincided with my friend Joann's wedding! All through high school Joann and I were best friends. We hung out all the time, and even after I moved away I always made it a point to swing by her house and catch up. Until Facebook came along, she was the only high school friend I had kept up with at all.
We have so many funny stories and shared memories. One of the ones that Jon thinks is so funny is one I told him about when she and I had gone on a bike ride. Up north, every road has sidewalks, and this particular day I was in front. I was going pretty fast, and before I ever had the chance to stop, slow down or turn, I noticed that the utility company had broken out one square of the sidewalk (I guess to work on a pipe). Well, the hole they left was just the size of my front wheel, so my front wheel sunk right into that hole, lodged itself, and the rest of my bike (and subseuently, me) saw fit to continue moving in an arch over said lodged front wheel. The final picture was me on the sidewalk with my bike laying on top of me, with Joann (who had seen the whole ordeal) running up yelling, "Stac! Stac! Stac! Are you okay?" She was genuinely concerned about me...but as soon as I told her that I was okay she BURST out laughing and said, "Thank goodness!! That looked awful, but it was SOOOOO funny!!!"

Another memory is when we went to eat dinner at a restaurant/bar called Roger's Roost. We went into the bathroom at the end of our meal. In the bathroom there was a huge (6-foot-ish) Indian statue with a loin cloth over his 'stuff'. There was a sign that said "Do not, under any circumstances, look under this cloth." Well, of course my friends dared me to lift the cloth. Just because. And because I was young and immature and didn't like to turn down a dare, I looked. I figured, "Who would ever even know?" Well, the second I lifted the cloth, I didn't even think to look to see what was under there because sirens started blaring and red strobe lights started flashing. I panicked and ran out of the bathroom. As soon as I stepped out a manager started approaching me, so I turned and ran out of the restaurant and the manger chased me out to the parking lot. My friends were dying laughing and I thought for sure that I was in some big trouble...but the manager just said, "Ma'am, I just wanted to give you this..." I looked down and he handed me a pin-on button that said 'Peek-a-boo Club'.

So many memories!

I truly have been blessed by having her as a friend. I am so thankful I was able to see her get married and start the next stage in her life.

Joann is such a kind-hearted person. She is genuine and loving. She loves her family more than anything, and is so loyal to them. I always loved visiting her, and I love her parents too.

Her dad scared me a lot at first, but eventually he grew to love me and soon whenever I came by his face brightened up and he spread his arms for a big hug. Being Italy-born, he would proclaim with a thick Italian accent, "Ohhhh EhhStacy!! Joannnna will beeee sooo glaaaad to seeee youuuu!!" Then I would go in and Joann's mom would go downstairs to the extra freezer to bring up some of the home-made anise-flavored freezer cookies that I love. Such fond memories they helped make for me!
Jason and Joann at their reception
Me and my sweetie at the reception
It was a wonderful evening and Jon and I really enjoyed ourselves while we celebrated with Joann and her family!

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