Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We finally did what everyone else was doing...

Since we moved here, all I hear about every fall is how all our friends are going to Tate Farms and how many times a year they go and how many years in a row they've gone. Well, up until this year, we had never been.

Last year, our home school program had a field trip scheduled, but we were rained out 3 different times, then they didn't have any more dates to postpone us to. I was sad that I thought we'd get to go but ended up not going. This year we had another field trip scheduled, we decided to finally go and we had a great morning! The weather was beautiful and the kids had a wonderful time!

Cotton-pickin' kids!
Jordan and her cute little pumpkin she found herself!
Lawson picked a huge pumpkin he could barely carry.
Corn crib
The big slide
Sweet girl
Climbing the tire mountain
How tall this fall?
Best I could get...
We had such a wonderful day at the pumpkin patch, then we jumped right in the car and drove to Michigan to spend some time visiting friends and family. It's a busy fall, but we wouldn't have it any other way! :)

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