Thursday, June 21, 2007

My diaper broke!

There are many things that have a specific purpose. There is one job that they are intended for, and they hopefully can meet the expectations held for them. For example...phones make/take calls. Soap cleans. Cars drive. Towels dry. Cameras take pictures. Beans make you fart. (Ha, ha...just kidding :) Back on track...)

You get my point. When things don' t work the way they should, people get frustrated. Things go crazy. Messes happen. (Sometimes beans work overtime! Ha ha again! Sorry! :) Anyways...calls drop. Cars break down. Towels don't always least new ones...they're so slippery!

And diapers break.
You heard me. Diapers break.

What, you ask? How does a diaper break? Well...For some reason, about 1/3 of the diapers in the last case I bought seem to fall apart. The velcro stays stuck to the front belly part and the back part is left to hang freely in the breeze. (This is because my kids never wear clothes. The boy is on a clothes ban, and the girl makes too much of a mess to bother dressing her!)

Diapers are pretty futile things. They are only made to last a few hours. BUT....I dare say that their function during those hours is VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Imagine my frustration when I tried to check Jordan's diaper through her onesie and felt the outline of her itty bitty butty! Yep...the diaper was about 4 inches lower than its actual preferred position--rendering it completely useless to perform should the opportunity present itself!

It's gotten so bad that Lawson comes up to me now to tell me "Mommy! My diaper broke!" And he's always right! I'm finally to the point of frustration that I want to storm back into Walmart and say "These diapers don't work!" Bu-u-u-t...I fear they'd say "Then why'd you use more than half the case???" Good question.

So...I'll drudge on through the rest of the box...And hope the next one is better. If not, I guess we'll give the potty another go around!


Sunny said...

I've only had that happen to me a couple of times. So frustrating!

Have you put in a call to Pampers yet? I don't really think that they would do anything, but I would at least like to let them know that I was not pleased with their product. Oh, wait... I've done that already and they won't do anything about it!

I would still try taking it back to Wally World. They always seem to take everything back!

Hopefully your next batch of diapers will not break!

Jamey said...

That's very frustrating. Seems to me that diapers are one of the major things that definately need to do their job. Yucky for all those involved.

jon said...

Maybe whomever made the diapers fall apart so easily could be promoted to head perforator in the wipes division....HONESTLY, the whole reason for perforations is so that 'they' tear apart, not so that if I only want, oh say, ONE wipe I yank the next 7 out with it.

Sunny said...

Totally agree Jon!!!