Thursday, June 14, 2007

News in General

Several points of interest going on in our lives...

1. A big CONGRATULATIONS to our good friends Jason and Sunny on the birth of Jackson Cash. He was born Monday, June 11. He was a very strong and healthy 6lb 12oz, 18 inches long. (Congrats to big bro Joshua and big sis Abby Kate, too!) You can see more adorable pictures at Jason and Sunny's blogs.

2. On June 6, our college friends Ryan and Katrina Cook welcomed their sweet daughter Abigail Grace into this world. Born at only 23.5 weeks, though, she is fighting for her life. Check out their blogs for updates, and please join us in prayer for this family.

3. Jon is still looking for a job. He has had a few gleams of interest this week, so please be prayerful that one of these opportunities will work out.

4. Yesterday in the midst of visiting Sunny and trying to get home to get Jordan to the doctor, Lawson got some kind of crazy virus/bug and threw up 3 times! It's really a good thing that Jon was home with me, because both of the kids were sick and neither one of them wanted to be put down!

5. Speaking of being sick, our Jordan has been fussy for about a week. She woke up Tuesday from her nap with a fever of 101.5, and then woke up yesterday with almost 100. I finally decided to call in for an appointment with her pediatrician. We verified that she currently has her FIFTH ear infection! At only 10 months old, this has given our PD reason to refer us to an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) specialist. We went today, and the dr. said that their criteria for recommending tubes is 5 or more infections in 12 months and/or continuous fluid behind the ear drum, even when uninfected. Jordan's right ear is currently infected; her left is not. After a pressure test, they found that both ears have an excessive amount of fluid behind them, and she is a strong candidate for tubes. They seem to think that the procedure to get tubes poses less risk long-term than having repeated infections and antibiotic treatment.
Anyhow...she was scheduled to have surgery tomorrow, but we found out that our current insurance will not cover this procedure. We cancelled, because it will be over $3500!! We are praying that Jon will be offered a good job with a good insurance plan so that we can try to get her poor ears straightened out!

I think that's all for right now...It's been a busy week--I jsut wanted to let everyone know what was going on...


Jason said...

Sunny and I appreciate the shout out re: little Jackson Cash.

And you know we're joining you in prayer for all the other things you mentioned in your post. We love you guys.

Jamey said...

I'm sorry to hear of the sicknesses, and insurance issues. We will be in constant prayer for you guys.

What were the gleams for job opportunities?! I hope something works out.

The pictures of the kids are great! Looks like you found a pool for this summer!

jon said...

Nice pic to use of makes me look fat...oh wait I am fat! Never mind :)


Sounds like it's been a rough week in the Stacy household. It's so hard when your kids are sick...especially at the same time! We will be praying for Jon's job and for the sicknesses and ear infections. Noah's had 3 in about 3 months so we could be there, too, before long. Love ya'll. Anna